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   As I approach 30, more and more people are either getting married and having babies. I’m sort of taking my time. That’s code for: I am incredibly immature.


This is not to say that I don’t thoroughly enjoy caring for infants. I spent the better part of my teens and college years nannying. For now, however, I will enjoy making cookies and cakes for people about to have babies.

I made these for a baby shower. Probably a boy?

baby bottle cookies

Cute and classic. These taste better than the real ones.

I think I might demand a color scheme of orange for my baby shower. Just to be a jerk. Or olive green?

No seriously though, blue is my favorite color (hullo.. look at my entire blog, duh).


My friend Vanessa is pregnant as well. She is due in June, and has chronicled every moment of it on her Facebook page and blogs. It is not often that I read something and feel the urge to burst into laughter, scream with fear, and impulsively google some freakish medical issue I never knew was possible. On a side note, she has two Newfoundlands and writes one blog through their narration. It is brilliant, and her writing puts mine to shame. Well, most people’s writing  put my to shame, but still. She is witty and poetic. Read it here:

Oh, and this is Vanessa’s other blog. This one is actually narrated by Vanessa:

             Anyhoo, I traveled to Jersey over the weekend for her baby shower. I was emailing back and forth with aunt Colleen about what to make for the shower. She suggested that I use the theme and go with eggs. I glanced over at the invitation:

The invitation, the inspiration Hatching eggs.. hmmm…

         Showers frighten me almost as much as having babies, because I am socially awkward and struggle to stay awake while watching someone open infinity presents. So maybe I will  just have my shower at an amusement park or something. This shower, however, was awesome. They asked that everyone bring presents unwrapped so everyone could simply walk around  room and simply admire the gifts. Um…AMAZING.

       This was also amazing:

baby shower

Dear Santa (or Hanukkah bush),

     All I want for Christmas (or Hanukkah) (okay, or Kwanzaa or whatever else) is a personal mascot. This mascot will be present for every special event in my life, and will transform into different characters accordingly. I hope that you and I can both agree that this will be a much better gift than last year’s coal. And pantyhose.



     The entire party was filled with hatching eggs and birds.


Aunt Colleen made these. Place settingI can barely glue two pieces of paper together.

I like birdies.

Bird tree

How creative is that?

So I decided to make cookies and pops (shocking).

I decorated the cookies to resemble the logo on the invitations:

hatching egg cookies

Here they are on display.

hatching egg cookies on display

Because I am anal, I even added glitter to the crack and the nests to perfectly match the invitation.

Yes, I am a nerd.


I wanted to try something a little different than the usual cake pops. So I added nests to them as well. Vanessa’s husband, Sandy, took a photo of them before the party using some very neat iPhone app. I have a phone that was  put together by a cavemen, so I was extremely envious of him.

Cool iphone photo

Here they are on display, ready to be eaten.

Hatching eggs cake pops



P.S. I am a dork.

I'm a dork

The treats weren’t a total success because I found out that although some women crave food during pregnancy, others lose their taste and feel repulsed by the thought of eating. Poor Vanessa. After she has the baby I am going to make her stuffed strawberries.

Phew! I am all babied out.



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22 Responses to Project Baby May 2011

  1. Those are really cute pops and cookies. I love the egg hatching theme, I have never seen that before. Looks like a really fun sofisticated shower.

  2. Tairalyn says:

    Seriously – you are brilliant! Love your Blog, Love your Humor and Love your Cookies… Oh wait – maybe that was a bad choice of words…. Love your Baking!

    Those Pops and Cookies are gorgeous – now just if I could coax you to come to Canada to make mine for my Shower in August 🙂 Coming to Vancouver for some Shopping anytime soon?

    I am going to attempt cookies or maybe pops {thanks to you} for my shower and hope to do a job as half as good as you!


  3. Nessa says:

    I promise once my tastebuds are cooperating again I will do full justice to every cake pop to cross my threshold!

    But everyone ELSE loved them, so they WERE a total success – don’t sell yourself short! Thank you thank you again for everything!



  4. Isabel says:

    oh my….love the cookies and the nests. And the tree with the blue ribbons! Baby Showers are so much fun….but my friend, you are wise to wait. When the time is right, you’ll know it! 🙂

  5. J says:

    Those are the cutest cake pops I’ve seen out there in Cake Land! And I’ve seen a ton. Very unique. That’s what’s lacking out there. You do great work. By the way what was the iphone app used for the picture taking?

    • Jasmin says:

      @J I am finding out the name of the app and will update this comment once I have the answer. I am glad you like my pops 🙂

      UPDATE: the app is called tilt shift gen. I want an iphone just for that reason alone!

  6. what a perfect baby shower!You are truly a creative artist when it comes to making cookies and treats. This post really was an enjoyable read.

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    Be A Donor Save A Life Urgent Request

  8. panda says:

    woman! you’re insane. btw.. i made about 150 cake pops recently and i wanted to throw myself in front of a MAC truck!

    • Jasmin says:

      @panda, Oh it does require the highest level of patience. Good for you for making 150 😉 Good for you for refraining from throwing yourself in front of a MAC truck.

  9. I really enjoyed reading (and laughing) through this post. And what a beautiful baby shower 🙂 Those are gorgeous cookies & cake pops! You are obviously very, very talented! Great job. Great post! Congrats to your friend, Vanessa 🙂

  10. Those cookies look so pretty, even if she couldn’t eat them I’m sure she at least appreciated the effort and artistic talent you put into them. Well done!

  11. francesca says:

    these are fantastic!

  12. Candace says:

    These turned out SO SO great Jasmin!! Can you throw my next baby shower please? Or at least just bring the dessert? =)

  13. Harris says:

    Hey there! I’m one of Sandy’s cousins, and I was just reading Ness’s post about the shower (which, sadly, I missed, being stranded in Chicago as I am), and I am in love with those cookies. They’re so beautiful! And the cake pops look great, too, I wish I could have tried them, yum.


  14. Those are so clever and fabulous!

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