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If you don’t know me by now (shame on you), then you should know I was born and (mostly) raised in Boston. I have to admit that I am first and foremost a 100 %  die-hard Red Sox fan. I watched them when I was younger and they were struggling, watched them when they finally won, and am now currently watching them as they potentially perish into poopiness (Red Sox from the 50’s, anyone?).




I cannot claim myself a football nut. I watch the Patriots when they play, read a few articles concerning them and that’s about it. That being said, I would still find great pleasure in annihilating the Giants this weekend.




I have a few friends from New York. Including my pal, Sean Brown. He is pretty much a fondant artist. Fondant used to frighten me more than a clown would. I have obviously come a long way, however, Sean is the Claude Monet to my kindergarten stick figures.




Here is one of his most recent creations.


Mario fondant cake brothers bros.


Anyway, Sean lives in NY. We have a little bet going.

If the Patriots win,  he has to bake me something and decorate it Patriots style. In addition, Sean Brown must also don Brady’s signature Uggs while concocting my special little dessert.

If the Giants win, I have to bake Giants-themed cookies and ship them to him in NYC. I will also have to dye my dog (or my own hair?) Giants colors.


I heart Sean, but no. I asked him for a photo of himself to share in the post. This is what he sent me.


Sean B.


Nice. This is totally unfair, as I am not allowed to superimpose my head onto whatever model body…



Or am I?



Jasmin Leia




Jasmin Leia 2


Sorry, I can get a little competitive. I do look incredibly awesome in those photos, though.


Did you hear about the bet between the mayors of Pittsburgh and Denver?

Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl lost.


lost the bet

Courtesy of USA today

(Read more about it here)


This is bigger than that. There are baked goods involved, people.


Feel free to check out the game this Super Bowl Sunday not only to watch some football, but to see who wins the bet…Stay tuned this week for a feature of the loser’s creation. And when I say loser, I mean Sean Brown.



On a side note, I saw this little poll:




Courtesy of NESN

(Courtesy of NESN. Click here for the article.)

I’m not really obsessed with Brady or anything, but really?

My favorite comment below the article: “I only like women what is up with these foolish articles?”


See you next week!



UPDATE: I obviously lost the bet. See what I came up with here.

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3 Responses to Patriots vs. Giants. Sean Brown vs. Jasmin Fine

  1. Sean Brown says:

    Well, well, well. So the bet is on. I feel sorry for all of you Bean Town Mass Pikers with your rotary’s and The Hill Tooper (or “Hill Tawpah” as I heard it pronounced. Unfortunately you are dealing with The Big Apple, jug handles, and Ben Benson’s now. Sorry to tell you but Jersey Shore at Seaside will always trump Southies at Nahant Beach. Good Luck this weekend, I’m sure we’ll see more comments from Giants fans than Pats fans. Go G-Men!!

  2. josie says:

    I hate the Giants. I know deep in my heart that we( Patriots) will win. Go PATS!

  3. […] If you have not read about the bet I suggest you check that out first before reading on. Click here. […]

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