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As orders have been flooding into the 1 Fine Cookie kitchen, this has made it more challenging to post as many recipes as I would like. Don’t fret my little pets! I will still be posting more recipes but in the meantime I will be adding in some new content to hold over those cravings!

Gadgets, Gizmos, & Other Random Crap will be a post about fun or humorous finds for the kitchen, home, or everyday life.

More often than not you will see random crap that you sort of hate, sort of love, sort of don’t need, but really really want to buy regardless.


So without further ado, this post’s theme is fun pool crap.



The most important accessory for the pool is a float. It is imperative that it looks like a cockroach.


FYI I did not write those captions. The website that sells this wrote them.




Is it me, or do you get the feeling that this cockroach is a pedophile?

Available to purchase here.



If you are like the two people I know who don’t like being in the sun, then use this super cool roof float.

Now you can even invite your vampire friends over. Hello, Bill Compton.

Available here.

If you aren’t keen on lounging around, then maybe a little game of pool.

That’s right, a weatherproof pool table. For only $6,5000 you can play pool in a pool.

Available here.




If you love to play around with your pooch in the agua, then protect his poor little eyes with these:



I was skeptical at first, but it appears the reviews on the site aren’t too bad. (Actually, I only looked at the average rating which was a 4.5 out of 5 or something like that. I don’t have a dog so I was too lazy to read the reviews.)

Purchase your doggles here.



If you have a lazy problem like me, then get your hands on a remote control snack and drink pool float.

Now you don’t have to bother swimming or paddling over to your snack.

Viva la obesity.

Find it here.

I really do have a lazy problem.

If it is a poker problem, then these waterproof playing cards are perfect for you.

Yet another way to blow all your money.

At least the cards are cheap at only $8, here.

And for the rest of us with a drinking problem, keep your beers (or bottles) cool and afloat.

This is so cool I’m going to start digging a pool in my backyard.

They even have numbers to keep track of your drinks.

Well, for the first few at least.

Get yours here.

If you have little ones grab a couple of these mermaid towels.

If you can manage to fit in one yourself, then who needs kids?

I don’t have children, but these look like they could end up a disaster for the wild ones.

Purchase yours here.

As for me, I will be purchasing one of these awesomely awesome beach towels.


Although pink is not my favorite color I love the, “Don’t drink and (insert verb here)” lines.

Available at Amazon.



I turn into child mode when I’m at the pool (actually, I’m always in child mode) so I demand a hot dog AND a burger.

Even better, dress your food with a condiment gun!!

Oh how I wish I had this to use against my brother back in the day. So cool.

Purchase one for yourself, and one for me here.



Don’t forget you slushie too. I used to love these things and now you can make them for friends and family by the poolside.

I love that I could add in my own syrup flavoring or even juice for a healthier option.

Pre-order a slushie machine here.



Last, but certainly not least, if you have a but-load of cash lying around then these floating moonlights will work just dandy for a poolside wedding or an evening party in the back yard.

I like balls. I like balls that glow. You can order them here. The same site offers a more affordable type of floating light.



Remember, it might be crap you don’t need but it sure is fun to buy.


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2 Responses to Gadgets, Gizmos, and Other Random Crap:

  1. Carolyn says:

    I love this crap o’stuff post, Jazz! Your site will be a great resource when I am looking to buy some crap! We already have three of these objects so apparently I am your target audience haha (thankfully it’s the cool ones and not the tick magnet — the slushie machine, the pool cooler and the waterproof cards).

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