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I couldn’t quite abandon the LEGO just yet, so I decided to wrap up the series by featuring LEGO inspired products that are used for purposes other than building a space ship or a castle.


For the ultimate LEGO lover, this is The Ultimate LEGO Book (I totally did not intend on that sounding so corny).

The Ultimate LEGO book

I appreciate a good LEGO statue, so I wouldn’t mind adding this to my library collection.

Purchase yours here.



Of course since this is a food blog, it would be a crime not to post LEGO products for the kitchen…


Lunch boxes, water bottles and smaller containers. All made to look like LEGO’s. The question I have for you is why didn’t the sushi eater pack their meal into a LEGO lunch box?

Such a shame.

LEGO lunch set

Grab your lunch set here.





No need to pack a lunch? Eat at home? Store your leftovers in these storage kitchen containers.

LEGO storage kitchen containers

Or, just package you snacks for work in these suckers, and make your co-workers jealous.

Buy here.





LEGO salt and pepper shakers


How hilarious would it be if you invited guests over for dinner and passed them these salt and pepper shakers? Act as though everything is normal.

Find yours here.





I especially love this since I tend to walk away from food that ends up overcooked or burned.

LEGO kitchen timer

His hipster mustache is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, the LEGO site sold out of these but hopefully they will restock soon. I’m such a tease.





If you are in the celebratory mood, you can throw a LEGO party and serve cupcakes in these wrappers.

LEGO cupcake wrappers

Purchase your LEGO cupcake wrappers here.






If you prefer cake to cupcakes, try using these candles.

LEGO birthday candles

You know those people who save candles for multiple uses? I know sort of weird. Well, if you do happen to be one of those weirdos these candles would last you probably ten birthdays they are so friggin’ tall. Your kid is going to start wondering what the deal is with these candles by his 20th birthday.

Buy your own Blokz Candles





If the LEGO party is for a youngin’ give these photo frames as a gift. They also connect to one another. They also can store things inside.

LEGO frames

Damn these things are more practical than my Rumba (not really I love my Rumba).

Purchase LEGO photo frames here.







lego digital camera



Oh yeah so when the birthday girl or boy is blowing out their candles, catch all of the action on this digital camera. Then make sure to take a photo of Grandpa Bob passing out with his belt undone and his zipper down. Or your friend’s girlfriend hitting on your other friend. Or that bratty kid throwing up on him/herself. The possibilities are endless…

You can get your hands on this awesomeness by clicking here.


lego digital pink camera

They have it in pink too ooh yeah. Buy here.





Even better? Catch it all on video. Shwing.

LEGO video camera

It also does that thing when you want to animate the little LEGO dudes. Stop-animation? Whatevs.

Grab yours here, you geek.






LEGO pirate keychain

So there are a billion LEGO people key chains out there. If you have a particular character in mind just Google it because it probably exists. I am featuring the most epic one I have seen thus far. Slutty pirate woman. She would wink at you but her winking eye is missing. Pirates are so cool I used to dream about being one. Until I realized how busted all of the male pirates were. Ewe.

You can grab your hot pirate chick here.




Storm Trooper LEGO earrings

 What better than to wear LEGO’s? It’s the Star Wars + LEGO’s obsession. Nerds unite.

Make Lil Wayne jealous …or Forsheezy, or Casper the friendly ghost. I don’t know, I can’t keep these rapper’s names straight. Just say the stupidest possible word you can think of and it’s probably a rapper’s name.

Either way, make them all jealous with these earrings, here.





If you are a dude, or a dude with no piercing then make Lil Wayne jealous with this t-shirt instead.

LEGO shirt

 They actually sell different versions, but this is my favorite.

Pick out yours by clicking here.






I mentally blocked out Prince William and that chick Kate got married, but I do know she has some sort of ring that ladies drool over. Well chickadees, here is your opportunity to build the ring of your wildest dreams…

LEGO ring builder

 …as long as that ring you envisioned is made of LEGO’s.

Find your Kate ring here.




I think these are actually cute and a considering buying them. Or waiting for someone to buy them for me.

LEGO earring studs

 Viva la Etsy. Visit this link to grab your little LEGO stud earrings.





Ewok LEGO necklace


I change my mind I do NOT want the earrings I want this! I will rock this out in public so everyone can be jealous that I own an Ewok.

Ewoks are probably expensive (not even Micheal Jackson could afford one) so this must be worth a trillion dollars. If you are very rich then you can afford one so go to this link and buy two (two for me, none for you).

If you don’t like cooking, and jewelry makes you itch then embrace your inner geek by bringing LEGO to work.

2GB USB Flash Drive

 LEGO flash drive. Purchase here.

Take notes AND play with LEGO’s. Just sayin’.

LEGO notebook

Buy it here.

Annnd LEGO magnets. If they had these in light blue I’d be down.LEGO magnets

Buy your sparkly princess magnets here.

Consider yourself a professional?

LEGO business card case

Not until you retrieve this from your coat pocket and hand out a business card.

Increase your work swagger with this (what the heck is swagger anyway.. I mean, really) business card case. Get it now. Get it here.

LEGO thumbtacks are so cool! They also sell it in light blue, nice.

LEGO brick thumb tacks

I could see someone stealing these off of my pin board.

Order some here so you aren’t tempted to steal.

The LEGO phone case.

LEGO phone case

I know someone who legitimately lost/broke 13 iPhones, so this could come in handy.

LEGO phone case 2

Gasp!! Who wouldn’t want a house attached to their phone? Although, you would probably need a fanny pack to carry it around. Find yours here.

LEGO headphones

Block out your coworker’s annoying rants with these earphones.

Your boss just might even give you a raise for your ingenuity and innovation. Or not.

Grab yours here.

And so we end our LEGO saga. Stay tuned, and if you’re lucky I just might revisit the wonderment of LEGO’s in the future.

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5 Responses to Gadgets, Gizmos, and Other Random Crap: LEGO Edition

  1. Carrie says:

    OMG this post is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome.


  2. Ema says:

    Hi do you know where I can purchase those lego head thingys in big sizes please??

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