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Note: I do not claim to be an expert on this topic so excuse my inevitable flaw/typo. This is just what I know thus far in the field and how I perceive the issue. No attacking or evil shenanigans, please. Unless, of course, those evil shenanigans involve White Russians and Jason Bateman. Mmmmmm…


Why a post about copyright infringement on a recipe blog, you ask?

A few months after I started blogging (Also known to the common man as, “So what are you planning on doing for a real job?”), one of my recipes went viral. I was ecstatic, and very lucky.

Sadly, I was so wide-eyed and naive at the time.


Whilst basking in the euphoria of my site’s new-found growth, I started to see this viral recipe pop up everywhere. Not just the photo, and a nice mention of where to find it. The recipe was copied and pasted. Interesting…

All of my photos from the post were being grouped together in one large image.  This way, people could see how to make it one, simple glance. Sure, that is super convenient and all, but now everyone who sees it will never visit my site EVEN if a link was thrown in at the bottom. 

Let me show you what I mean.

copyright infringement

Often referred to as intellectual property in the real world.


In this image, someone placed all of my photos and pasted my recipe verbatim into their post:

Copyright infringement. Don't be a douche.

Copyright infringement. Don’t be a douche.

My photos. My exact writing. Even if this person posted the link, would people care to visit my site? Nope. The information is already there, so no need to.

Look at this example:

Much better

Much better

 That’s Nerdalicious posted my photo with a link to my recipe. They also included the via site, Bon Appétit, where they originally found the link.

This is much better. Also, guess how much traffic funneled back to my site? A lot more!









By high school, this was common knowledge for all of us. Do not copy someone else’s work. Plagiarism and copyright= wrong. It’s that simple.

The internet is actually fairly similar, like it or not.


In fact, not only are you breaking the law, you are affecting someone’s livelihood. My job is to generate traffic to my site. When people visit my site, they purchase things, see or click on the advertisements. I can only make that income if they come to my site. I am also a freelance writer and photographer for other companies, and that can be affected as well.


Some sites use my photo without asking, but as long as they write about my site and link me without posting the recipe, I am happy as a clam. Still, technically an infringement to use a photo without permission, but they are boosting my site and directing traffic.


I personally am totally fine with posting an image with link without permission from source. This is only MY opinion, though.


Not ALL feel this way, but from my discussion with fellow bloggers/artists/photographers/writers, the MAJORITY consider a link or link and photo with brief description the proper etiquette. To be safe, contact the source.



The Decorated Cookie is an awesome blog. She posts links without the entire recipe on her Facebook page. Win.


Here are a couple of sites who used my photo without permission. No recipe, just my photo.

ebay not okay


See the photo of the LEGO mold? I took that.


Lot’s of eBay sellers love to use that image.








This was perhaps the most bizarre:



Yep. That’s my photo. Of myself. On I’m a brunette, but somehow ended up in the redhead category. That’s another story.


At the end of the day, people who work their tails off to develop recipes, write, style and take photos deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It’s hard work! Give props to those who deserve them. It’s the patriotic way 😉


debunking myths


I want to begin by saying, some people don’t know any better. I didn’t myself once. I am still capable, in my hectic and chaotic work schedule, of slipping up by not citing an image. I have no issues if someone writes me an email correcting me or asking for removal altogether. I want to follow what is right so I hope for that kind of communication. Forgiveness is cool.

That being said, I have sent out more than enough emails saying something like this:

“Hi I appreciate that you shared my recipe, but copying and pasting it is an infringement. Could you please replace the text with a link and you may keep the photo?”  The reaction is rarely, “Sorry I didn’t know.” Usually it is met with douchey hostility. I rarely get angry at ignorance. Falsely held arrogance is another story.

Let’s start with a few recent incidents that exemplify how sorely misguided people are.


“I don’t know what your problem is, I am doing YOU a favor.”

Let’s look at an incident a few months ago,

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts filled with Marshmallow by 1 Fine Cookie Only post with link to original source!

[*Note: I added my watermark post screen shot of this image to protect my work. The Tumblr account did not post this image with the large watermark.]

This lovely Tumblr account took two of my photos and collaged them together.  It is technically copyright infringement to be posting anyone’s photo without permissions, but I do clearly state on my site (in TWO places) one photo and link is okay for my content. ONE photo, not two.

Although she/he did provide a link, these are my photos at the end of the day as the owner I decide. It just didn’t tickle my fancy as the process was clearly displayed, as from my experience traffic from these posts are minimal.


So, I contacted the Tumblr account user and nicely explained that they were more than welcome to keep one photo.


You're not doing me any favors


1. Notice the smiley faces. Nothing like using emoticons to avoid nuclear war.

2. Wow your 4000+ (which is actually more like 2000+) re-blogs must mean your doing me such a huge favor? Well, I looked at my analytic stats and only about 100 clicks came from your 4000+ re-blogged post. That’s 2.5%. Incredibly low when I compare to sites with an even smaller audience.

That isn’t even including those eyes that saw this without re-blogging. Or the dozen or so other sites who copied and pasted this exact thing onto other websites (this started a massive reposting all over the internet, with no link back to my site). But no, really, thanks.

You are doing yourself a favor, not me.


“The Internet is Fair Game. You Don’t Own Anything Once It’s Online.”

Remember the Pizza in a Jar image I posted at the beginning of this article? I asked nicely in the comment section (it is better to email but some Blogger sites have no contact information) to remove the recipe and replace with link. Deleted and ignored my comment.

This is what ensued.



You’re right I don’t own the internet, but the writing and photos are still mine. 

Are you saying that if dozens of other people got a  tattoo of Justin Bieber’s face then it’s cool for you too? Without question? If other people commit this hideous act then it is suddenly justified or acceptable? (Get it? Justified? Aiyeee)


Remember when your parent(s) mentioned, “If all the other kids jumped off of a bridge…”


Child porn is illegal in real life, but if some of it ends up online then it’s okay and fair game? Infringement is wrong in the concrete world and it is wrong online too.


The post is obviously no longer there.


“I’m Going to Make Up Whatever Irrational Reasoning I Can to Justify My Ignorance”

Too many misconceptions and myths to sort through, so I lumped the rest into this last category.


A blogger wrote to a Facebook page that was copying and pasting text from recipe sites with photo. No citation or link provided.


Here is an example:

copying and pasting recipes is NOT okay

Chef in Training  did NOT give this page permission.


Another blogger contacted the page and the admin actually posted this:


If I post my own photo to Facebook, they do have certain rights over that photo. If YOU post a photo to Facebook it does not make it Facebook’s property. They will in fact, remove it if she reports it.


Other nincompoops’ comments in the comments section:


Doesn’t matter if you claim it is your recipe or not. If I copied a chapter out of Catch 22 and turned it in to my English teacher for homework, what would his/her reaction be? I could say, “I never said any of it was my own. I just found it somewhere, liked it and wanted to share it with you.” F.


mommasa Wrong. Money or no money, they own those photos and that text is their intellectual property. Even on Facebook.




mommasb <- Business has nothing to do with flattery.  It’s business.

<- How about I copy your profile photos and post them on a lonely person dating website without your permission. Who cares, where it really comes from, right?



I can’t go there. That is just NUTS.



Nope. Pinterest is intended for photo with link BACK to site for recipe. This page was  not “sharing,” technically. It would have to be her property to share.




Scroll to the bottom of this post for a link on how to  search the internet for your photos.

Stay tuned on a post on how report those infringing uses of your work as well.


I would get more into the technicalities of intellectual property and copyright, but there is already a plethora of other bloggers who did a better job than I could (see links at bottom for those as well).

Here are some resources:

resources and reading about copyright infringement



Copyright and Online Images

Copyright and Online Images

Read Copyright Fair Use and Online Images.






  • i am baker wrote about the issues concerning sharing on sharing using Instagram

The Ugly Truth About Instagram

Read here.



I have less of an issue with Pinterest. Only if someone posts the recipe in the caption. Other bloggers do have concerns, however, so here are a couple of links on Pinterest.

  • Bob explains the risk of using Pinterest.

    Source: Photography Life

Read Pinterest- Copyright Infringement Made Cool




  • i am baker is also i am author. So popular, in fact, that she has had to deal with infringement issues on Facebook as well!

Source: i am baker



Check out,  What Every Facebook User Needs to Know.



Infringing Acts On Other Blogs and Sites:



  • Everyone pretty much knows the Oatmeal. Read about some serious drama he had with FunnyJunk.
    Source: The Oatmeal


    Because drama and the jerks who start it tend to draw these things out for too long, read the update here.

Think it ended there? Not so much.



It’s Not Just About the Law, Have Some Manners Too:

Like I said, it’s about R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Even if you are following DCMA guidelines, there is still a certain etiquette to follow. You can be doing everything legally, and still be acting like a jerk. 

  • The Decorated Cookie perfectly explains how “stealing” (plagiarizing) ideas themselves is a crummy and shallow thing to do.
decorated cookie

Source: The Decorated Cookie

Recognize this adorable cookie? Read about The Journey of Mr. Melty.




  • If you are a food blogger, photographer, or writer  who wants to be part of a community for support, request an invitation to

PIPO-Protect Intellectual Property Online

It is for bloggers only, in order to provide a place of safety and freedom to speak among those who can be trusted. Well worth it!




Source: Dog House Diaries


Remember, if someone else created the work you are posting, try your best to give props. Mad props.



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117 Responses to Copyright Issues, and Why They Cause a Lot of Drama, Mama. It’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T and props. Mad props.

  1. Good on you for posting this.

    It’s such a pain in the butt arguing with ignorant people about this. Or worse, those who think they’re informed but are not. I’ve had my ebooks (including the one from back when I was traditionally published) go around for free and people keep telling me I’m supposed to be flattered because it’s “free advertising”. Um…no. Free advertising would be people sharing and reading the first few chapters that are legitimately posted for free and then buying the rest of the book.

    Any of us love it when people share our stuff in fair ways that point back to us. It’s really not that much to ask for a fair link back.

    On G+, you’ll see that when I reshare pretty pictures or art, I make a serious effort to find the original creators and link. I’m rare in that. Same thing for when people notify me to cool cakes…I make an effort to goomage search to find the original creator and give credit.

    It’s nearly impossible to do that with Cheezeburgered pictures because the signal to noise ratio is too low, but for artistic photos, cakes, etc., it usually only takes me about 30 seconds or less to find the original artist.

    More people need to do that. I’ve put out public calls for that frequently. Folks applaud those calls…and then don’t heed them. 🙁

    • Jasmin says:

      It’s tough and I struggle sometimes when it comes to memes. GIF’s are almost impossible to find the original source. As long as someone tries their best to be ethical, and willing to adjust when shown their errors I’m cool with that.
      Kudos to you and your striving to post ethically. It is certainly time-consuming ha ha!

  2. Sara Hawkins says:

    Jasmine, terrific post; although I’m sorry you even had to write it. Thank you for referencing my post. I have others about copyright law, specifically photo use and recipes that I wish more people would read since there is clearly a lack of understanding out there.

    The idea that “it’s the internet, so it’s free” is rampant. So is the thought that you should be happy b/c your work was shared. The argument that it’s a recipe and it’s supposed to be shared so you should just chill is aggravating. If that’s the case why are they not taking photos/recipes from Martha Stewart or Food Network? Oh right, they have huge legal departments.

    The idea that FB is some free-for-all is repulsive. As is the proposition that FB owns everything posted to it. Well, if that was the case don’t you think FB should then be give credit or that FB would sue you/take your site down for infringement.

    Keep sharing your beautiful photos and creative work. I know you don’t want to add more of a watermark, but you might need to do that. Also, please make sure you have metadata on all your images since that makes it easier to track using certain online services.

    Thank you again for referencing my work. I greatly appreciate it.

    ~ Sara

    • Jasmin says:

      @Sara, Always appreciative of your expertise! It is difficult to deal with and such a huge waste of time (Oh, the posts I could have published in place of writing emails and reporiting!) My watermarks are on more current images, but need to stand out more. Another on the long to-do list, sigh.
      Do you have a post on your site concerning metadata?
      Thanks again,

  3. Amanda says:

    I love your take on the issue… you have a way with words that makes me want to laugh out loud! So sorry about all you have had to endure with infringement… and so sorry that we have to have some of those ridiculous responses running through our brains.
    For the record, you are clearly a 5 star hottie.

  4. Ugh, I actually posted something on both my personal and blog Facebook pages yesterday about all these “recipe” pages that are posting entire recipes and asking people to “share to save.” Most people did not realize that these recipes were stolen and surprisingly a lot were supportive. Of course, then there are the turds that don’t care and keep doing it. And I just can’t let myself lose sleep over it because there are too many of them. But you better believe I am slapping a watermark on EVERYTHING now. Because if I can’t keep them from stealing, at least my name will be on the picture they are swiping.

    • Jasmin says:

      @Lisa, I know how it feels! I find it’s helpful to share links to articles like this and the others when people don’t understand too. It’s good to know most were supportive!

  5. Becca says:

    Thanks for the post. It’s SOOO frustrating to deal with some of these people. Much like your Ebay issue, I’ve had people use my picture to sell their item on Etsy. Craziness!

    • Jasmin says:

      Yup very annoying. I will be providing info in an upcoming post about how to report to sites like Ebay.

    • Becca: makes you wonder what the customer is getting at the end, doesn’t it?

      In the cake decorating world, we’ve seen several businesses post nothing but other people’s cakes in their gallery. Not only is this stealing photos from the rest of us, of course, but customers are duped into believing they’re going to get a high-level cake for some discount price. I’m reasonably certain that a significant proportion of the cakes on CakeWrecks are because of customers being tricked this way by a baker who couldn’t pull off the high-level cakes.

      • Becca says:

        Absolutely Kimberly! When they can’t duplicate the picture they’ve posted what in the world do they say to their customer? Craziness!

  6. I hate people. *sigh* Yes, it’s a compliment, but really….how do they not see that making money off somebody else’s work is wrong??? You’re post was awesome. Thank you for taking the time to TRY to inform people. Hopefully it was also cathartic. 🙂

    • Jasmin says:

      @Linda, I think most just do not understand that internet is not THAT much different from the real world. You should write one too! It’s fun! And you get to be a little fresh/sassy 😉

  7. Lori says:

    I scanned through the page and yes, people are stupid. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s open source.

    This is for anyone with photo/text thieves:
    Have you tried watermarking your photos?
    Include a disclaimer in the middle of the recipe about copyright infringement-like between the ingredients and the directions and again at the bottom.
    Are the photos hotlinked? you can really have some fun if they are
    Report the images on facebook and any other site. Usually CI is the one thing these people take seriously enough to act upon.

    • Jasmin says:

      @Lori, my photos are watermarked. I chose not to leave a mark that would distract from the photo so they are not super clear. It’s a hard which to decide between for sure.
      That is a great idea to move the disclaimer in the middle. Mine at the bottom might help a little, but certainly never enough.
      If you see this response, please let us know about hotlink. I am sure plenty of readers would love to hear more!

      I do report them on Facebook and other sites. I will be sharing a post on how to do this in the near future.
      Thanks for your suggestions!

      • Lori says:

        I know you feel watermarking ‘distracts’ from the photo, but that’s kinda the point! There are other ways of getting your info in the pic. Business cards propped up, watermarking the ribbon…. be creative but obtrusive.

        Hotlinking is when you directly C&P a photo that is still hosted on the original website rather than saving it and then posting it. I emailed you with more specifics and a photo that some sellers have used on ebay when they noticed their pics were stolen.

        • Jasmin says:

          @lori, Thank you!

          • Bobette Kyle says:

            I agree with Lori…I create images for all my posts and put my URL, clearly readable, in a place with solid background. But I don’t want it to distract from the point of the picture so, using Photoshop, I lower the opacity of the text so it blends in better. That way, if people use it at least it’s easy to find the website it came from. After I started doing that I noticed traffic from more Google searches containing my website .com name. (I suspect it also cuts down on people using the images in inappropriate ways because they “don’t want to advertise” my website. Whatever.)

  8. Great post! I plan to share it on my FB fan page. Haha, with a link of course. 😉 And ROFL @ ‘Holy crap you are NUTS’ comment!

  9. Thanks for this post! I look forward to your next because I would like to report a page on facebook. Just the other day, someone alerted me that my Bunny Cookies and Milk photo (the site made a collage that acted as a visual tutorial)was on another site. I went to the site and noticed that it was shared from another site…I noticed this because the site had placed THEIR watermark on my photo! Their site (Creative Ideas) has 500,000+ “likes” which is rapidly increasing. My photos had shares and likes in the 4-figures, which I have never had before. I did notice that there was a link to my blog (in html code, I think), but nowhere did it mention my site by name or link to my facebook page. I sent an email, and their response was less than satisfactory. They acted like they were doing me a favor, etc…, but in actuality they are generating traffic to their fb page, not mine, and minimally to my blog. I emailed again, but nothing, so wrote on their fb page. We’ll see what happens. Sorry this was so long, but thanks for letting me vent:)

    • Jasmin says:

      @Sue, I LOVED those bunny cookies. Your work is always great. I just HATE when they combine photos like that. If you are too impatient to wait for the post, email me with details:
      They ALWAYS act like they are doing us favors, but they are not the ones looking at the analytics, sadly. I can help you take it down!

      • Jasmin, Thanks so much for being willing to help me out! I sure appreciate it:) Last night the site actually removed my photo,since they were not willing to post it without their watermark, and a link to my facebook page. The post I sent to their wall (after no email response the second time), which I tagged and linked is still there though:)

        Thanks again!

    • Lori says:

      Sue, directly report that photo to facebook for copyright infringement. I can’t remember if you are allowed to type info; if you can, put the original host site

    • Creative Ideas is one of the worst on FB with stealing photos and adding their watermark. I got on to them about it several times when I noticed The Decorated Cookie & Cute Food for Kids pictures! Definitely report it. We have had pages shut down on FB for stealing our stuff…it works.

      • Jasmin says:

        Girl your creative stuff is def prime meat for these people, ha! Do you have Google+? If not, make a profile (takes two seconds if you have a Gmail account) and request an invite to PIPO. A safe place to share and discuss issues. Food bloggers/writers/photographers ONLY, so make sure you have a profile that shows your blog and such. It is so worth it to have a group backing you up and reporting together.

  10. A fellow blogger and friend just emailed me the link to your post when I told her of a discovery I made tonight…it seems the lovely people over at Barney Butter decided it would be ok if they shared not only a picture of my Sweet Potato Stew but also the ENTIRE recipe…without ANY permission whatsoever! The ONLY reason I found out was because they were “gracious” enough to link back to the original post, but seriously? Like you said, if everything is available on one post, why would someone even bother clicking the link to the original post?! I’ve come across this sort of thing with other bloggers, but this is my first experience with a widely known company. Any advice on how to handle this one?

    • Jasmin says:

      @Heather. I would contact the company. I have actually found more success with companies and large magazine websites (such as Buzzfeed on occasion, or Just mention you did not give permission for the use of your photo and recipe. Ask that it be removed within 48 hours, or a link put in place of the recipe. If they do not comply, look up the host (, I believe?) and contact the host for reporting copyright infringement.

    • Lori says:

      I do see credit given to you at the bottom:


      1. Combine all ingredients except for almond butter and spinach in a slow cooker.
      2. Cook on high for 3-4 hours or low for 5-6.
      3. Just before serving, stir in almond butter and fresh spinach.
      4. Garnish with fresh chopped cilantro.

      Source: Kiss My Broccoli

  11. A fellow blogger and friend just emailed me the link to your post when I told her of a discovery I made tonight…it seems the lovely people over at Barney Butter decided it would be ok if they shared not only a picture of my Sweet Potato Stew but also the ENTIRE recipe…without ANY permission whatsoever! The ONLY reason I found out was because they were “gracious” enough to link back to the original post, but seriously? Like you said, if everything is available on one post, why would someone even bother clicking the link to the original post?! I’ve come across this sort of thing with other bloggers, but this is my first experience with a widely known company. Any advice on how to handle this one?

    Sorry, my original comment had an error in the email address!

    • Lori says:

      Also, I forgot to add… if there is a link such as the one they did for you, I almost always click on the link to that site if I’m interested in the recipe. So it isn’t that awful. Just slightly annoying. Your site has much more ‘punch’ than theirs.

      • Thank you Lori, that really means a lot to me. Unfortunately, the point of the matter is that I was not contacted in any way by the company and that is wrong. I don’t mind them sharing my recipe (it’s honestly a bit flattering) but they should have asked first. Common courtesy, ya know?

        • Jasmin says:

          I DO mind when my recipe is shared. Hove!
          Seriously, though, even if they cite you, they still technically did not ask for use of your photo. If they copied and pasted (or barely modified) your writing then you can still report them. EVEN with citation. No matter what a site does, if they use your photo without permission you can say no and have it removed.
          Citation does not necessarily excuse infringement and suddenly render it legal.

  12. Great post, Jasmine. I’m a member of PIPA and the FB bloggers group, and although I appreciate being notified of all the sites stealing content, it’s also getting me more and more discouraged–especially reading all the ignorant facebook comments you provided! I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to understand, but hopefully with more discussion it will gradually become common knowledge.

  13. francecsa jones says:

    Great post Jasmin!

  14. What fantastic post. I loved it…. though it is sad any of us have the need to even post on the topic! PS…. clearly you deserve more than 3 stars!

  15. Lesley says:

    Awesome post, love it! And some people will never ever get it unfortunately. FB, pinterest, they are all about instant gratification, people don’t stop to think what effect they might have on someone else. How hard is it to credit where credit is due.

  16. Cassandra says:

    Brilliant post! This kind of things really gets me in a tizzy… you’ve explained it all so well 🙂
    I’ve shared THE LINK (lol) with the various blogger groups that I belong to 😉

  17. Great article! Thanks so much for writing. I’ll for sure share it on my FB page with links back AND a fb shout out!

    • Jasmin says:

      @Donna, thank you for your kindness! I sometimes have issues (don’t see when my page is tagged), but I will keep an eye out.
      Thanks again!

  18. shawn says:

    on pinterest, i personally can’t stand the pages that gather other people’s work on their page. i always click to the original blog and pin from there.

  19. Thank you for linking to my post. I’m sorry we had to “meet” in PIPO under these circumstances but I’m so glad there is a community fighting the ignorance and the theft!

  20. Thanks for writing this. I’m taking time off from law school to stay home with new twins (and blogging along the way)… Now I have one more reason to finish that degree 🙂

  21. Eleise says:

    I have had similar issues. I often email and ask for them to remove or add attribution to stolen images. Amazingly they all choose to remove rather than add a link. I had a reporter come up to me and say he writes his magazine every week based on my work. He thought it was funny. Just this week I had a blogger copy my post from 3 weeks ago in the exact same style with some lines word for word. I brought it to her attention in the comments and she replied she was inspired by her kids. Anyways it is hard to police but I do think more awareness is needed.

    Awesome post!

    • Jasmin says:

      @Eleise, Thanks!
      Next time an issue arrives post a link for this post or any of the others at the bottom of the post. It’s a lot easier than explaining over and over.

  22. Great post. looking forward to reading the next installment. Its all crazy how some just dont see it as not borrowing.
    Hadnt come across you before looking forward to having a good look around and i just visited Pampered Chef as suggested thats going to add to my waistline too 🙂

  23. Great post! We have had so many problems in the past dealing with this, but we go after the ones that we find. It’s hard to find the time to deal with it! Going after them and not letting up seems to work for us. These people making collages with step by step instructions for Pinterest are driving me nuts as well. Makes me not even want to take step by step photos! Thanks for sharing this!:)

  24. Jean B says:

    Thanks for an excellent post, and also for contacting me about one of my photos that was being used illegally by someone on facebook and in their self-published book. I appreciate the heads-up.

    • Jasmin says:

      I had no idea it was being used in a book as well. So screwed up. I don’t know if our group PIPO accepts non food bloggers but you could always apply and see. It supports these issues. Look it up on Google+ and request and invite. Who knows!

    • Lori says:

      I would think if they are using your photo in their book, you’d be able to send them an invoice for X dollars for using your work.

      Not sure if anyone has posted this yet, but this is THE site for information.

      Some specific info regarding photos (but other good stuff here too)

      As far as ebay goes, from what I’ve been told, a person needs to file a NOCI with ebay. Then any instances of infringement get referred to that notice and the items get removed quickly. However, it’s still ebay. :-/

  25. Stella says:

    Great post!
    I have a question though: how do you get track on who is copying what?
    Does it by accident come to your attention or does someone notify you?

    Love your blog. You have some yummy ideas!

  26. KaMarlowete says:

    I’m an avid reader an user of your site, (I like your mouthy and irreverent sense of humor. Makes me happy even when I fail to garner the same results at the projects.) I’m also a blogger, (mostly on holidays and summer vacations at this point. I am NOT clever/fast enough to keep up with the babes, grad school, husband, pets, and a blog. Much to my dismay.) I would be mortified to be accused of stealing someone else’s work. My blog is a failure or success on my own. I’m perplexed by people who are fine with using someone else’s ideas, pictures, and/or outright directions. What’s the point of being a person if you’re not going to also be an individual?

    • Jasmin says:

      @KaMarlowete, Thank you for being a follower. I will now be following your blog back!
      Kudos to you for focusing on being original and having a personality over garnering fans quickly with others’ ideas. I know I could generate more fans if I posted a ton of content, but my aim was to be original and “the first” of a way of baking/decorating/cooking/styling food. It’s totally worth it for me, but sadly for others they care about passing off ideas as one’s own and being popular.

      Thanks again for your support!

  27. Krissy says:

    I came to your blog through pinterest as I wanted to repin the strawberry hearts but couldn’t find the source on the pin! Interesting that I seem to be in a minority that I like to know where things come from! I enjoyed your article…frustrating isn’t it? I’m off to comment on the pin I found with your website address.

    • Jasmin says:

      Yes. You are part of a very small, yet very awesome minority. Thanks for your support and I am glad you like the strawberry hearts!

  28. Bobette Kyle says:

    Excellent post, Jasmine. I found this while tracking down the original source of your strawberry hearts photo. Good for you for writing a quality blog with original work.

  29. Dolly says:

    Great post. I never really thought about how that could really hurt someone’s “business” – having all their stuff copied everywhere. Sorry you ever had to write it!
    visit my blog at

  30. Jasmine says:

    I just got an email from Pinterest saying that 2 pins I had repinned were deleted because of a DMCA complaint from you! Super disappointed because I’m usually pretty good about checking the link to make sure it’s an original source and valid link. Only problem is that I had no idea which pins were deleted 🙁 I just figured out that the strawberry hearts was one…maybe if I scour your blog, I can find the other one that was deleted? Wish me luck! I’ll do my best to be more careful in the future.

    P.S.-my name is also Jasmine! Albeit with an e, haha 🙂

    • Jasmin says:

      @Jasmine. Woohoo Jasmin(e)s!!!
      Yes, I did have it removed because Pinterest but that had nothing to do with you. Several sites had ripped off the photos and it either had THEIR watermark on it or it linked back to their site so I had to remove traces of it. I don’t think I reported two? Unless you pinned the strawberries to more than one board?

      Pinterest doesn’t really offer a nice way to message people who innocently Pin so I was unable to contact you. (I would have much preferred to write a nice message explaining so people don’t feel attacked, trust me.)
      I always love Pinterest and would be delighted if you ever Pinned one of my recipes in the future.. YOU don’t need to worry as you did nothing wrong, it was simply another site that did something very wrong and you were only innocently Pinning it. Fortunately, Pinterest offers the options to “strike” a Pinner, to which I of course selected not to because it is CLEARLY not your fault.

      I appreciate you stopping by and saying hello. I love meeting other Jasmin(e)s!! Again, do not worry about Pinning my content. It’s the jerk sites who do it and followers simply do not realize.

  31. Rach says:

    Hi Jasmin, I tracked down your page after Pinterest e-mailed me that a pin I had found was removed:
    “This is to let you know that we removed one (or more) of your Pins as a result of a copyright complaint. The complaint was not directed against you or your Pin. It was reported by Jasmin Fine and directed against another user who Pinned or re-Pinned the same content”
    I just started blogging, and while my blog is more for friends and family, I can understand how this would hurt your traffic. This is a great post that more people could definitely stand to read. I hate when I pin something then go back to try it only to end up at a dead end at a tumbler site. Not only are people losing out on actual directions, but also seeing all of your other creations.

    • Jasmin says:

      @Rach, Hi and thanks for stopping by! As mentioned to Jasmine as well in these comments, I had no way to contact Pinners so I was forced to report Pins that were linking back to sites copying my content. Boo 🙁
      I hated to do this because I really do love Pinterest and love Pinners who do it the right way, which you most likely do.

      I would be honored if you choose to Pin any recipes from my site in the future. I appreciate that you understand how it all works, and I am excited to find a new blogging friend!

  32. Cathy b says:

    Great blog! I got a note from Pinterest that one of my pins was deleted. Of course my OCD self was freaking out wondering which of my 3000 pins was missing! 🙂 so I looked up your name since Pinterest email stated who requested removal. I just wanted to clear my head and see if your site would show a pin I might notice 🙂 sorry for the ignorance, I had no idea. And yes, I know which pin was removed and I know where to come when I need recipe to make them. Hopefully more crazy OCD people will go on a search like me, in turn, giving you more traffic. 🙂

    • Jasmin says:

      @Cathy, Don’t worry about the deletion. Many pins were linked to sites illegally posting my photos. I would have messaged and asked you along with other Pinners, but Pinterest doesn’t offer the option. I am sorry for stressing you out- YIKES!
      You are more than welcome to pin recipes from here, and I encourage it. That was just a bad pin at the fault of the infringing site who published it and NOT your fault. Thank you for stopping by!
      I will try to look you up and follow you on Pinterest. The greatest sorority online.

      • Cathyb says:

        By the way, so glad I found your blog. I love your comments, your demeanor, and your overall style! Thanks!

        • Jasmin says:

          @Cathyb, Wow well thanks! Yeah I’m a little feisty to say the least. I tried to find you on Pinterest but too many Cathyb’s came up in search results. 🙁

  33. Pinner says:

    Complaining to Pinterest and including your name was a brilliant move to drive traffic to your site.

    I very much understand your perspective and the financial reasons for your copyrights, but people would be more sympathetic if you took the highroad in all this (i.e., didn’t include snarky commentary about others’ comments in your post). That really detracts from your legitimate point and makes you look quite petty. :-/

    • Jasmin says:

      1. You have to hide behind an anonymous name. So easy to run your mouth through the keyboard and hide behind a computer screen. I say what I say as myself for all to see. Grow some cojones.
      2. I will include snarky comments I see as I please. Thank you for contributing to that list.
      2. That is Pinterest including my name and not me. You HAVE to include all of your real information to request a photo removal because of the legality of it. I didn’t even realize they send my name, silly.
      3. You are angry because one of your Pins was removed-WOW. That’s pretty petty and really detracts from any legitimate point- oh, wait. You had no legitimate point.

    • KaMarlowete says:

      If you, “Pinner”, read Jasmin’s blog regularly, you’d know that she’s not “snarky”, (Critical; cutting; testy.), but sarcastic and/or sardonic. All of her posts have a bite that makes those of us who enjoy her blog laugh. She’s not a cookie-cutter, (pun intended) food blogger and this post, like the rest of her blog, should reflect that. Those of us who read her work expect comments that are somewhat facetious and we enjoy her acerbic sense of humor.Also, just so you know, “high road” is two different words.

  34. ur a laughable b1tch says:

    I love how you u think you invented marshmallows and discovered strawberries. Can I license that off u? I want to go to the supermarket and buy some strawberries but wanted to run it by u first… ur a dumb, laughable b1tch :s

    • Jasmin says:

      @ur a laughable b1tch,
      What a horrible name to have. You must have been teased a lot in middle school for that :(.
      You clearly did not read the post. The PHOTOGRAPH and WRITING is my property, according to copyright laws. Nobody is talking about “inventing” something, so I think you are confused. Did you not learn about copyright in high school or college?
      I am at least intelligent enough to know that my time is better spent writing, and taking photos than trolling on others’ sites using derogatory words towards complete strangers.
      P.S. You spelled bitch incorrectly.

    • Lori says:

      Ahhhh, the anonymity of the interwebs! (that means you hide behind a keyboard in case you didn’t understand that big word)

      First, it would help if you learned English. This is not a text message nor are your characters limited to a certain number. (characters means letter, numbers and spaces; not Mickey Mouse or Goofy).
      Second, as Jasmin pointed out, you need to learn what copyrighted means before any of us can have an intelligent discussion with a person who is as enlightened on 21st century technologies and terminologies as you obviously indicate.

      Which, in case you didn’t understand those big words, means go troll elsewhere. Let the grown-ups discuss grown-up stuff.

      Now run off…with scissors. Go play. On the freeway. And try the paste. I hear it’s really good for the digestion

    • aren goering says:

      but the thing thats really laughable is the fact that you are on her blog. and you obviously attempted to read it, although you clearly failed at that, cause you missed the point and now you just sound dumb because you have no idea what your even talking about. but i prolly just missed the part where it says shes protected by copyright on marshmallows, and no1 else can have any. thats my bad. oh and im guessing that you havent yet made it to high school to learn about copyright infringement. its pretty clear your still a child.

  35. Cathryn says:

    I got an email from pinterest letting me know I was one of the people who had the strawberry post deleted. I apologize for my mistake. Thank you for this post, I really understand the copyright issue and blogging much better now. I will definitely be much more careful to be sure that my pins link back to real blogs. BTW, your blog is awesome!! I will be following for sure, I’m glad for the deletion because it made me find the treasure at the end!!

    • Jasmin says:

      @cathryn, you def don’t need to apologize. You did nothing wrong. I am glad you came to stop by, though. And yes, pinning of this site is always welcome 🙂

  36. aren goering says:

    ok, the girl commenting that its all over google, and google doesnt have a share option.. there wasnt a site to link… umm when you search something like, pizza in a jar, it gives you links to sites that meet that description… it doesnt just post it to google for you because you searched it. its not like you can type in something and all of a sudden what your looking for is on googles homepage. even if you search photos it gives you links to everyone, ever if the site is no longer open. i found your blog on a link for lego pops on “parents room” page on fb. and i really enjoy it. i just read a whole page on copyright lol, and enjoyed it. its a shame that ppl are missing out on your blog because of these ignorant people

  37. aren goering says:

    oh its funny cuz like i said i came here on a link for ur lego pops, and i was copying and pasting it to wordpad so i could save it, and at the top of my doc. i saved your link. and its just going on my hard drive. than i found this lol

  38. Elizabeth Speyerer says:

    after reading this i felt obligated: facebook page “foodgasms”
    there page states: “Every effort is made to give proper credit for these images. Captions link to artist/source. No ownership or copyright claimed of any images on this site. If you reserve the rights to an image and would like it removed, please contact me” but being on that page for as long as i have i know they do not make any attempt to give credit, and they always post full recipes, so i posted…. Elizabeth Speyerer shared a link.
    5 minutes ago
    just because you admit that your stealing your recipes and are willing to take them down if the real owner happens to complain, doesnt mean that your not breaking copyright laws. and the biggest problem with what your doing is that even if you do give credit to the owner, youve still posted there entire recipe, and there picture. making it so that no one will have any reason to go to the creators page. alot of the recipes youre stealing (or someone else stole and your just fallowing suit) are from bloggers who pay for there site and get paid for people coming to there site, and when you share there whole recipe and make it so that theres no need to go the there site you are firguratively stealing money out of there pockets. and honestly you may tag what seems to be random people in your posts, but iv never once seen a link to any of the actual creators. there all copy and pasted and posted as your content instead of shared from there original source. and thats really screwed up and down right illegal.

    Copyright Fair Use and Online Images

    im not a cook or a blogger, but i am an artist. iv had a girl steal my art from a class room when i was still in school. she ereased my name or scribbled it out and wrote her name in. she was dumb about it and i found out and did get them back almost a year later. so i feel your pain

    • Elizabeth Speyerer says:

      oh they blocked me from posting on there wall and deleted my comment.

      • Jasmin says:

        @Elizabeth, Don’t engage with Facebook pages that infringe on others’ intellectual property. Just report them, and if you recognize a photo you recognize, let the owner know and tell them to report too. Engaging just makes it more difficult to shut down pages like that.

  39. Janelle says:

    Excellent post. I received an email today from Pinterest that one of my pins had been deleted. The message from them said, “This is to let you know that we removed one (or more) of your Pins as a result of a copyright complaint. The complaint was not directed against you or your Pin. It was reported by Jasmin Fine and directed against another user who Pinned or re-Pinned the same content.” Not having any clue which of my 1,918 pins it might be, I thought the easiest way to figure it out would be a Google search of your name. I came to your site (for the first time) and found this post. Typically I’m really good about trying to find original sources for my pins, rather than just repinning, or pinning from Tumblr. Apparently I missed one, though, because the strawberry hearts from this post look awfully familiar to me. I’ll have to search your site to find the actual post for pinning.

    I’m glad to read this, though, because my eyeballs have been popping out of my sockets lately from all the twitching every time my friend re-post complete recipes. I went on a rant on my FB page last week about it being plagiarism. I’m a photographer, and I love having my stuff shared, but I understand that site visits = income.

    • Janelle says:

      Now that I found the post, I actually remember pinning it before. I did a Google image search of the image itself, but since it wasn’t a composite, I didn’t make it here. I think I remember not actually trying very hard with this particular one, though. In any case, I’m glad to have found your actual post, because I didn’t realize that they’re stuff, not just cut and skewered.

    • Jasmin says:

      Thanks for stopping by and being supportive!
      Kudos to you for figuring it out of your almost 2,000 pins! I am glad that you understand it wasn’t an attack on you AT ALL. Some Pinners don’t see how even if I report the original source who used my photos without permission, the pins still move traffic there. I have to nix all sources.

      Yes, a website collaged my photos. The Tumblr site mentioned in this post did it, and even though they cited me and took it down it was too late. It went viral (with no hits to my site) with hundreds of sites, Pins, and FB pages posting the collage photo without my link or name mentioned. Why bother looking for the source when it shows you the entire recipe visually?
      Feel free to leave your site name here for your photography and I will follow you. Also, you are always welcome to pin any photos from here! Thanks again!

  40. Holly says:

    THANK YOU!! Thank you for this! It’s one of the best things I’ve read in a long time!

    I was directed to this by someone who found my stolen content! I’ve had the EXACT conversations that you posted above over and over. The last one I contacted told me to stop running my mouth at her and she can post whatever she wants… and that my content is on FB so it’s fair game for everyone (and continued to get very nasty). LOL Maybe I should share this article with her!

    For all of you who don’t know, FB is really good about removing stolen content. Based on the reactions when I give people the benefit of the doubt, I’m about ready to just report with no questions asked! Enough is enough!

    Anyhow, thank you, I will be sharing this article (with a link lol)! Love it!

    • Jasmin says:

      Welcome to the club!
      I am aware of Facebook, although it is easy it still poses it’s issues. In the future I do plan on writing a post of everywhere to report infringement as I have a nice little compiled list.

      I do not engage with Facebook pages. I found it to be a waste of time. I just report at this point. Only once in a while I write them, like, if it is a very small or new page. Once they get the numbers and followers they care more for that than ethics. I know bloggers who have received death threats. I kid you not.
      Awesome that you stopped by! 😉

  41. Niv Mani says:

    Wow, this is by far one of the most informative write ups I’ve read!,thank you for taking the trouble to create this. I’d like to share this with my fellow bloggers who’vebeen plagued by such thieving trolls!

  42. Sharon says:

    Well since I was one of those “thieving trolls” Niv Mani mentioned, lol. I am very glad to see this post. I love posting recipes and from this point on they will be done properly with credit being given to the original blogger/facebooker/web site and traffic directed back to them.

    This is by far the best and easiest write up to understand, I got it now and will change my entire blog after reading this. Thanks Jasmine for you insight and wonderful article.

    • Jasmin says:

      @Sharon, hi!! Thank you for stopping by! I’m so happy you read it. This is a story where the ending is a happy one. I hope we can stay in touch and thanks for being so open-minded to hear me out.

      • Sharon says:

        You deserve all the thanks Jasmin, you set me in the right direction and I hope to totally redo my facebook page and blog as soon as my restaurant closes in October. Thanks for being so understanding and if you come across any recipes on my page and know the origin please let me know.

  43. Hayley says:

    I actually found this post after I did a reverse google image search on the picture of the strawberry chocolate hearts. I kept seeing it on pinterest but NONE of the pins linked back to this blog and the actual recipe. The posting recipes to facebook thing frustrates me immensely, I have had harsh words with a few friends who “share” them but most people just refuse to acknowledge that there is anything wrong with it!

    • Jasmin says:

      @Hayley, It is SUPER annoying! I usually go through and clean Facebook and Pinterest of the non-linked photos, then everyone comes back all mad at me. They don’t acknowledge because they don’t understand. Thanks for your support!

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