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If you have been reading my blog for a year now (good work), then you know that I grew up celebrating Christmukkah.


In other words, my family was hypothetically Cashew. Catholic AND Jewish. Each parent taught us a little about each of their respective culture and traditions.


That’s right, I received more gifts than you. Eight night’s worth, then an additional whole heap of gifts in one morning. Don’t be jealous.

No really, though, I am grateful for growing up having experienced two different perspectives. It taught me tolerance, inclusion, and to always be open to trying new things. Okay, the gifts were still pretty awesome.


Soooo while some people in the world waste their time hating one another for their beliefs, I spend my holiday season loving up on everyone (that means you too, Kwanzaa celebrators) and giving out Cashew kisses to all. Okay, maybe just a pat on the back.


Hating is so 2008. I mean it is so hot to be Cashew these days.


It means being friends with other cool Cashews. Who send you saucy little Christmukkah cards such as this:


Fictional, but none the less cooler than Miles Davis.



Come now, how sexy is this?

This is why I’m hot. This is why I’m hot. This is why, this is why. This is why I’m hot.



Okay this guy, not so much.

glee christmas christmukkah puck hot

It took me about 10 minutes to figure out who he was. Sadly, it said Puck and Kurt in the lower right-hand corner and I STILL could not figure it out.

I am certain I will receive a lecture about this as I did in my comment about the bro from Supernatural. Settle down ladies, sheesh. (I ended up watching a couple of seasons of Supernatural upon the request of my friend Vanessa. I do stand corrected in that it is not a super teeny bopper girly show even though it is on the CW. The show is not bad at all, and that bro is sometimes a little funny. I still stand my ground that his crying is girly. There’s no crying in demon hunting).


Seriously though, look at that photo. Not all hot celebs can pull off the Cashew wavy hair


My fall leaves tutorial was so popular, that I wanted to create a holiday version that works for everyone. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and whatever Scientoligists celebrate (er… science.?.!.?.!).


Hence my decision to select snowflakes as the theme. Because regardless of creed (or lack thereof), snowflakes are okay to celebrate. Happy Christmukkah! or Christmahanakwanza! Or Scientology Tom Cruisism!


Here’s What You Need for Snowflake Cupcakes

– cupcakes, baked (I baked white ones, duh)

– frosting 

– decorating or chocolate writing pens (see photo below for more details)

– optional : disco dust, pearl or some sort of shimmery, white spray, or any snow-like sprinkles

– if you choose to create the “ice” portion, then you will need sugar, corn syrup, and a cooking thermometer (can be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond people. these things open your world of cooking possibilities I strongly suggest you purchase a cooking thermometer if you do not own one).


chocolate writing pen, disco dust, or decorating spray

The decorating pens are also sometimes referred to chocolate writing pens too. I bought mine at Williams Sonoma, but you can find them at arts and craft supply stores, baking supply stores or online.


The spray is an edible spray that I also found at Williams Sonoma (made a pit-stop while Christmukkah shopping). This can also be found at the other stores mentioned about.


The sprinkles, sugars, disco dust, whatever, can be found at baking supply stores or online. I am quite certain that the arts and crafts supply stores (Micheals) does not carry disco dust around me.



warm decorating pens in heated water

Begin by placing the pens in a pot of water. Set to the loooowest cooking setting you can. You are not trying to cook these. They only need slight warming to soften the chocolate candy inside.



Then, you want to Google or search “snowflakes” or “snowflake clip art.” Print out image of snowflakes you like. Not to large so that it falls off of the cupcake, but not too small so that it is difficult to draw.


Warning: the more complex or detailed your snowflakes, the more difficult it is to trace.

use a template and wax paper to create chocolate decoration

Take your decorating pen out of the water and wait a few minutes. I found that if I used mine right away, it was too runny. Massage the candy inside of the decorating pen to make certain it is melted throughout.

Tape a piece of wax paper on top of your snowflake template. Squeeze out the chocolate/candy from the pen and trace the snowflake images.


If the chocolate/candy becomes to difficult to squeeze out, then place cap back on and reheat it in pot of warm water.



I traced mine twice to percent edges and details from cracking as I peeled it from the wax paper.

double the layer of chocolate if the snowflake design is intricate



Now, you have choices here. You can simply place the snowflakes on top of the cupcakes and they will look amazing.


Or, if you want to add a little more, you can create “ice” for them to sit on.


Boil 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of light corn syrup, and 1/8 cup of water in a sauce pan on medium high. Stir constantly. Once the sugar comes to a boil…

boil sugar, corn syrup, and water





Lower heat to medium and attach a cooking thermometer to the side of the sauce pan. The tip of the thermometer should be in the boiling sugar. Set it to “soft crack” stage. If your cooking thermometer only shows temperatures, then cook your sugar until it reaches 270 degrees.

use a cooking thermometer




Once it reaches 270 degrees, immediately remove thermometer and pour little puddles of the melted sugar out of the pot onto a piece of aluminum foil that has been greased with butter.

pour puddles of the boiled sugar on greased aluminum foil


Please grease it with butter BEFORE cooking the sugar. If you know what’s good for you.




If you like, once the candy hardens and cools, wet the tops with your finger dipped in water.

Sprinkle on a little disco dust for a shimmer effect.

use disco dust to make them shimmer




Now, this part takes patience. I you are not a patient person (lazy, as I have been known to refer to this) then no worries. I suggest gluing he snowflakes on flat as opposed to standing up.



If you do want to give this a go, use the decorating pens to dab chocolate/candy onto a few points on one side of the snowflake. Stand it upright onto the “ice” and use something to keep it upright.


I help it up myself for a few seconds before propping it and blew on the chocolate/candy to get it to dry more quickly.

use the decorating pens to glue snowflakes to the hard candies

I decided to be even more bold and glued an additional snowflake to the top of each snowflake already standing on the ice. You can see what I mean in the final photos.




If you like, you can use the spray on the cupcakes and/or add some sanding sugar/disco dust/whatever to make it look white or snowy.

spray the frosting with pearl

Does not have to be perfect, as you will be adding a topper that will cover most of the frosting.


Place your topper on top and you are done!



Snowflake cupcakes winter wonderland chocolate snow flake white disco dust topper ice






Snowflake cupcakes winter wonderland chocolate snow flake white disco dust topper ice






Snowflake cupcakes winter wonderland chocolate snow flake white disco dust topper ice 


****If you are considering posting up photos or ideas from this or any other posts I am truly happy that you are excited and find my recipes interesting enough to share with
others. Please see copyright standards in the footer (bottom) AND follow

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7 Responses to Winter Wonderland Cupcakes. Happy Christmukkah! Or Christmahanakwanza! Or Scientology Tom Cruisism!

  1. Bwahahaha I have never heard “cashew” before! I learned something new today. Festivus for the rest of us!

  2. Eftychia says:

    Happy Christmas!! Thank you for sharing all these delicious recipes with us! Thank you for visiting my blog and for all your nice comments!

  3. So pretty I love how simple they are and how big of an impact they make.

  4. Ken says:

    This is awesome. love the recipes, the blog… and your face.

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