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Last year, I created these hatching egg cake pops for my pal Vanessa’s baby shower.


Hatching eggs cake pops


They were created to match the invitation and theme of the party. You can read more about the event here.



Amongst the millions of photo/sharing/social networking sites I subscribe to (including Tumblr, Pinterest and Flickr.. sigh) I received dozens of messages inquiring how to make these.


Well, when I get enough requests for a tutorial I have only one response to that:


you got it dude

You got it dude.



It makes sense. Spring= cute things being born.




Literally, everything about Easter is cute.



Actually, this bunny is not all that cute.

funny gifs


I envision his voice sounding either like Christian Bale’s in Batman or Larry the Cable Guy.


Babies are cute too. So take something cute for Easter, and use that concept for baby showers. Duh.


Here is What You Need For Hatching Egg Cake Pops,


  cake, any flavor and frosting if the cake is not moist

(You can use my brownie fudge cake or cheesecake recipe. Just triple the amount when making.)

-  white chocolate with blue candy coloring (found here)


blue candy melts (found here)

(I like using white chocolate. It tastes better and feels less waxy, but it is up to you what you use)


lollipop sticks


florist branches (a bunch of sticks I found at Home Goods or Micheal’s)


-  1/3 cup of chocolate chips

– 1/2 cup of peanut butter chips


baking cooling rack




-optional: mini muffin/cupcake pan


Most of these items are also available together in the 1 Fine Cookie Shop



OH… You will also need this very important ingredient. Chow mein noodles, about  3/4 cup.


You can purchase them here.


chow mein noodles

..or click here and scroll down to the chow mein noodle product to locate a store near you.



If you have not had La Choy chow mein noodles you are missing out. I need to buy extra just for snacking because I can’t resist.


To read more about them, you can also visit the website, here.


The folks at The Dish were kind enough to send me a couple of samples of the La Choy Chow Mein Noodles (there is a heaven). If you would like to know more about The Dish or ConAgra Foods, please visit:



Begin by melting the 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and peanut butter chips together.

noodles, chocolate and peanut butter chips

You will need 3/4 cup of broken up chow mein noodles. I found them easier to work with this way, but it is not necessary.



stir noodles in once chips are melted

Once melted, mix chow mein noodles in until completely coated.



use a mini muffin/cupcake pan

Two options:

1. Scoop out little mounds onto aluminum foil, create a cavity in the middle of each pile, and a hole in the bottom of those cavities.

2. Press aluminum foil into the cups of a mini muffin or cupcake pan. Dollop a tiny bit of the chow mein noodle mixture into each. Press into the sides, shaping them into cups. Use a lollipop stick or knife to clear out a little hole in the bottom.


Note: You want the hole in the bottom of each chow mein “nest” for the sticks to slide through.


Tip: Don’t rush. If your noodle mixture begins to cool, just pop into microwave for 5 seconds and stir. I did this in between each cup to make them with ease.


Makes about 9-12 cups depending on how thin you make them.


An option is to turn them over and add more coated noodles for dimension


Optional for the OCD/more particular baker: I only made 8-9 cups and kept leftover noodles. I remelted the mixture (slowly in 5-second spurts) and added a little to the outsides of the cups to add more dimension. Impatient people need not apply.



For the eggs, crumble up your cheesecake or cake into a bowl. I purposely bake my cakes until the toothpick still comes out with little bits of cake when I test it. When it cools the cake is moist enough to use without any frosting.


If you cook your cake longer so it ends up dry (or use a crappy cake recipe) use a touch of frosting to make it more moldable.

make cake egg small enough to fit into nest

Shape cake crumbs into little rain drops. Then press the tip of the point at the top ever so slightly to make it more rounded. Check to see if they are small enough to fit into the nests.


Remember, they will be dipped with chocolate so they will increase in girth.


Place cake into fridge to cool for about 15-20 minutes. If you leave them longer, let them warm up slightly to room temp. Sometimes people use cake pops that are super cold, and dip them right away. The result is that they expand as they come in contact with the room temperature and warm chocolate, causing the chocolate shell to crack.


Grab either your lollipop sticks, or floral branches. I found these at Micheal’s (arts and craft store) in the floral section. They are basically decorative branches for the home.

decorative branches


Should you choose to use the branches, snap them to an appropriate length.



Heat your white chocolate colored in blue, or blue candy melts in a deep bowl or mug. The ramekin I use in the photo is actually not deep enough.


First dip the end of your stick and press it into the bottom of the cake “egg.”

dip into white chocolate or candy melts


This is the part where it is important to have a deep bowl. The reason? The less you move your pop around, the more likely it will stay on the stick and not fall apart.

You simply want to dunk it in and pull it out.


Allow excess chocolate to drip off.


Optional for the OCD/more particular baker:  Dip a second time  once they dry to make them smoother.


Spear sticks into apples, strainer, or styrofoam until pops dry.


Elevate  two edges of your styrofoam or cooling rack onto boxes of food or books. Place aluminum foil or wax paper on top. Puncture holes through the wax paper, and styrofoam (if using) with a stick.

Use a cooling rack or styrafoam board

Place eggs on top. Use a knife to coat inside of nests with a little melted chocolate and drop sticks with cake pops into holes.  The sticks will go through the other end of the styrofoam or cooling rack.


Short cut: If you don’t want to be bothered with a cooling rack or styrofoam,  feel free to hold next with fingers and place stick through hole. Hold nest until chocolate has cooled and the egg is stuck to the nest. This won’t work if it is too warm as your fingers could melt the nests.


Optional for the OCD/more particular baker: Melt a darker hue of candy melt than the eggs and mix with vegetable oil.  Dip a paint brush in and splatter the eggs before placing into nests.


Nesting Egg Cake Pops easter hatching spring baby shower nest cookies chinese noodles wheat grass display decor


Now, if you want to create the crack for the nesting egg then pipe chocolate, icing, or dab corn syrup into a zig-zag shape down the top of the eggs. Sprinkle disco dust onto zig-zag immediately before it dries.



Nesting Egg Cake Pops easter hatching spring baby shower nest cookies chinese noodles wheat grass display decor


Stick into the soil of some potted grass and you have yourself a perfect centerpiece.



Nesting Egg Cake Pops easter hatching spring baby shower nest cookies chinese noodles wheat grass display decor




Nesting Egg Cake Pops easter hatching spring baby shower nest cookies chinese noodles wheat grass display decor





This little chick didn’t end up all that cute either…

Don’t mess with this chick.


****If you are considering posting up photos or ideas from this or any other posts I am truly happy that you are excited and find my recipes interesting enough to share with others. Please see copyright standards in the footer (bottom).

Although the nesting egg cake pop was a concept I came up with, the original cake pop idea probably originated with Bakerella. Please visit her site for an in depth guide to cake pops.

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13 Responses to Nesting Eggs Cake Pops

  1. Janet says:

    any idea how long these will last? we are making something similar without the stick and a candy egg for a shower but I don’t want to put them in with the candy box we are making if they will be stale. We are putting the boxes together a week pre shower. I’ve made the chow mein cookie before( we call them spider guts btw lol) but they never have lasted more than a day or two so never got a chance to get stale. Thanks, and cute presentation!

    • Jasmin says:

      Spider guts is an amazing name. I’m not sure what the chow mein cookie is coated in, but i would be surprised about this recipe going stale in only one day. I would suggest making them, then storing in air tight bag or container in the fridge until the shower.

      • Janet says:

        It’s the exact same as the nest recipe which is why I wonder how long they can be kept at room temp. I meant we always eat them in a day or so so never knew how long they would last. Since we won’t be using the cupcake ” egg”( which might get stale faster as a cake) I wondered if anyone knew how long the nests could last in the box unrefrigerated, don’t kmow if I have room in my fridge for 50 candy boxes, although maybe I could get some kind of airtight bins and put them in. I have just read how chocolate picks up odors and was afraid they would end up tasting like Kale or Broccoli after a week LOL!

        • Jasmin says:

          @janet, I’m surprised but maybe I don’t taste staleness that well.. I would consider making them closer to date and storing in airtight bags. Then the morning of, get up early and place in the same time, they say bread becomes stale MORE quickly in fridge than pantry. I know that placing bread with cake keeps cake from going stale so you might consider that. Perhaps you have time to experiment a little? Make 2-4 and try different techniques then tast them.

          • Janet says:

            Thanks, I also asked the La Choy people as they have a similar recipe on their website but they didn’t know. I’ll have to experiment I guess. Kind of wondering why you have to refrigerate them since the ingredients are all shelf stable but don’t want to get people sick either. Oh well, I’ll have to forget the calories and just test away:)

          • Jasmin says:

            Like I said the fridge may not necessarily be better. Try both and see! Good luck and let me know what worked best as this would be informative for others interested in the recipe.

          • Janet says:

            the fridge wasn’t good, lasted easily for a week at room temp in air tight container( after a week maybe a tiny bit less snap but no stale taste whatsoever, maybe another few days but guessing up to two weeks at room temp), froze great, waiting to see if they last a week in airtight container after freezing for a week or two. This is just the nest part, not the egg.

          • Jasmin says:

            Thank you for the feedback. This is very good to know!

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