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After spending and entire week “on my deathbed” sick, I have regained enough strength to return to the kitchen. What better way is there to mark my triumphant return than featuring two super trends!

Cake pops are like the new cupcake. If you have never had a cake pop before, then that sucks for you. No, really, if you have never tried one I suggest you make them or at least have the poopie version at Starbucks.

I mean, a Starbucks cake pop versus a home-made or bakery cake pop is like comparing McDonald’s apple pie to your grandmother’s pie (unless your grandmother is a horrible cook.. still, we all know McDonald’s is gross). The point is, you are better off finding a bakery or making it yourself. Starbuck’s doesn’t do the cake pop justice.

Anyhoo, cake pops basically look sort of like lollipops on a stick. On the inside is cake and frosting mixed together and formed into a ball. Then it is dipped into white, milk, or dark chocolate. Oh, yeah the best part is that it is on a stick so it tastes awesome and is easy to eat.

This is what a typical cake pop looks like.

Cake Pop (Courtesy of Bakerella)

(Courtesy of


If you are interested in learning basic techniques for making pops, Bakerella is the queen of cake pops. She has a book tour and everything. Click here for making round cake pops.

You can also visit my store to see other versions of the cake pop. The football helmet is my personal favorite.

So cake pops are the hot new thing. Another little trend that cracks me up is the mustache. Not permanent ones. Mustaches on drinking glasses, paper mustaches on sticks, mustache stickers, etc… The list goes on. I see couples wearing little fake mustaches for wedding photos. Seriously. This stuff makes me laugh.

 A lot of people do this too. Well, not with babies. More on themselves. For some reason, when I think of mustaches I think of hipsters. Skinny pants, button-up shirt, scarf, and a mustache. How hipster of you.



So, let’s combine the awesomeness of cake pops and fake mustaches to create:

 Mustache Cake Pop



Mustache Cake Pop



 For real. This was the most ridiculous thing I have ever made (this is probably not true). I just love food you can wear.



If you want to make your own mustache cake pops, you need:

-A baked cake. Any cake you like that is not too light or airy. You wan’t it to be able to stick together. You can make your cake from scratch as I like to do. You can also use a cake box mix. If you must.

-Icing. Buttercream, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry… Whatever you like. You can use a can of that pre-made icing, if you must.


You want to crumble up your baked cake once it is cooled, and then mix in a little icing at a time. I do not have exact measurements of icing and cake, because it really depends on the type you use. You basically want the mixture to have enough icing so that it is not constantly sticking to your hands, but moist enough to stay together and be molded into shapes without crumbling apart. My mixture looks like this:

mix cake and icing together for cake pops


You will need some “candy melts”  or regular chocolate. Candy melts look and taste like chocolate, but technically do not count as chocolate because of its ingredients. You can buy candy melts at arts and craft stores, baking supply stores, online, or some party supply stores too. I am using candy melts for this so you can see what they look like. You can use white, milk, or dark chocolate from a grocery store if you like.

For this post, I used candy melts so you can see what they look like. I did not have black ones for my black mustaches, so I grabbed some candy dye from my cabinet.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: YOU CANNOT — USE REGULAR FOOD DYE FOR CHOCOLATE OR CANDY MELTS. YOU NEED AN OIL BASE DYE. Food coloring often does not mix well with chocolate, especially candy melts. Ask for help at a baking supply store if this is your first time (or email me through the contact page).



These are candy melts:

Candy Melts and Coloring




You also need some lollipop sticks (also available at baking supply or arts and craft stores) and a tray lined with parchment or wax paper.

Lollipop sticks, baking sheet lined with parchment paper.




Now let’s begin by molding the cake mixture.

First I made a fat cylinder, or tube.

Mold you cake mixture




Then cut it into two equal parts.

Cut the cake mixture in half




Smooth out the severed ends so they are round.

Smooth out cut ends





Remember how you used to play with Play-doh in kindergarten? I was practically a Michelangelo I spent so much time with that stuff.

I might have taken a nibble here or there too, but let’s not dwell on the minor details.

Anyway, this is like molding Play-doh. Start to roll out each cylinder between your hands and a counter surface, like you are making a snake. Just like in kindergarten. The only difference here is that you roll out only one end of each cylinder and not the entire thing.



They should look like this:

Roll out cylinders on one end each


Start to pinch each piece near the fat end…Begin to pinch them


Until it starts to look like these:


So you start by pinching them so that they slope downwards, and then towards the tip pinch them upwards.

They sort of look like whales. I also noticed they look like something else, and laughed like a 13-year-old boy for five minutes. No need to dwell on the minor details.




Ever so carefully, pinch the tips thinner and thinner into a little curl.




Make as many or as little as you like.

Lots of mustache pops



Pop them into the fridge for long enough so that they are nice and hard.

Now we need to melt the chocolate (or candy melts).


You can throw them into a bowl and microwave them for 20 second spurts, mixing in between. I knew that the mustaches would be tricky to handle, so I created a double boiler instead. Chocolate (or candy melts) cannot be cooked directly in a pot. So you heat water on low heat, and place a bowl on top of it. Then, put the chocolate in the bowl. Mix every few minutes until it is melted and smooth throughout. (I also added in my candy dye at this point.





If it is not smooth enough, you can always add a tiny bit of vegetable oil to make it looser. 

Melt candy melts or chocolate in a double boiler





Now it is time to dip. Take one of you mustache pieces and place it on a fork.

Prepare your mustache pop for dipping


Drop it into the chocolate. Remember, the chocolate is sitting on top of the hot water, but not boiling water. If the chocolate is super hot, the cake will fall apart.

Drop your mustache cake pop into the chocolate





Use your fork to scoop the chocolate on top of the mustache so it is fully covered. Then quickly scoop it out.

Carefully shake your fork side to side so that the excess drips off.

Shake off your excess chocolate



Place it onto the wax paper or parchment paper. Then quickly grab a lollipop stick and dip it into the chocolate.

Dip lollipop into chocolate


CAREFULLY poke it through the bottom of the dipped mustache piece. I used a fork to hold it on the opposite side.

I also used a toothpick to glob on extra chocolate at the base of the lollipop to give it extra support.

Stick lollipop into cake pop

Once the chocolate has started to dry, I use a toothpick to add lots of texture.

Hair has lots of texture. Especially thick handlebar mustaches.

Use a toothpick to add texture




Now dip the other side of your stache, add the hair texture.

 Let it dry completely, then dip the fat end into the chocolate and attach it to it’s other half.

Attach both halves together







Now you are ready to look like a creepy old man.

Mustache cake pops are ready to wear. Or eat.


One major pointer. Those lollipop sticks do not act as the best support because they are on one side, as opposed to the center. Make your staches small so they don’t break under their own weight.

Make your staches even smaller than you think they will turn out because they will become larger once coated in chocolate. Use a toothpick to glob on a lot of chocolate where the lollipop enters the mustache. This will add more support.

This will help keep your mustaches from falling apart when you hold them up.

Mustache Cake Pop


Now they are ready to wear. My mustaches came out very large.

*TIP: I would recommend scaling them WAY WAY DOWN, if you want to ensure total sturdiness. ..Nerdiness.

Trust me on this.





Oh, before you scroll down further, I just want to make a disclosure.

I realized you would not get the full effect of these unless you saw them on another person.

Remember when you were a teenager and your parent(s) did something totally embarrassing, making you want to live under the bed for the rest of your life?

If I had children, they would feel this way looking at these photos.

This is just too embarrassing.

Alright, go ahead and scroll down.













I. Am. Corny.

Cheesy mustache

But seriously though, it’s edible and funny (at my expense, at least). I know it’s funny because you are laughing at me right now.








Stroke the stache

Go ahead. Stroke the stache. Enjoy it, because this took you so long to grow and groom. Bask in its glory.









Twiddle your mustache

If you are more of an intellect, you could just twiddle your mustache and think of intellectual things (umm okay).

I’m so hipster (not really).








If you aren’t into mustaches at all, then you are a weirdo. Just kidding, it’s okay. There’s always other options.

Mole cake bite

Who knows? Maybe moles are the next funny trend. Probably not.


 ****If you are considering posting up photos or ideas from this or any other posts I am truly happy that you are excited and find my recipes interesting enough to share with others. Please see copyright standards in the footer (bottom) of this or any page.

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27 Responses to Mustache Cake Pops… How Hipster of You

  1. hahaha… I definitely chuckled as I scrolled through your pictures, especially the ones of you and your ‘stach. What a cool idea! This would be so awesome at a party.

  2. Ruth says:

    Crazy – wierd – fabulous!

  3. Heather says:

    so Mike wants a cake beard

  4. Jasmin says:

    Thanks Culinarication and Ruth! I am a weirdo, haha.
    Oh and Heather, I would love to make a cake beard.. Not sure if he would be able to wear it though 😉

  5. Caroline says:

    Adorable idea. Photo props are al the rage now. What a great combination for the cake mustache.


  6. Asta says:

    Thanks for making the effort to describe the terminlogy to the learners!

  7. Beth says:

    LOVE THIS! Love you! Awesome, awesome stuff, woman!

  8. Farrah says:

    I love the crazy wacky and fun idea of mustache pops. Kids would have some fun with these. I’m new to following you and from what I’ve read your a hoot! Thanks for posting this and the candid pics are an added bonus.

  9. Andrée-Anne says:

    Awesome… just awesome. Love it!!!

  10. Finally a cake pop I *might* be tempted into making. Maybe. But it’s enough that you made them and posted funny photos. I think I really could make the Cindy Crawford one with my minimal baking skills, though…

  11. I love your photos they are so cute! And I’m also hungry now.

  12. Jill says:

    What a cute and funny idea…awesome!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I just found your website and I thought this was soo clever! I am going to make them for my next party!!

  14. Veronica says:

    This is the coolest!!! I might make them for my cousins wedding!! The kids will love it!!

  15. Agueda says:

    i have a question how do u make the cake balls or dough?do i bake it first in a regular pan and take out early?im confused

    • Jasmin says:

      @ Agueda, You bake a cake in a regular pan in the oven. Use any cake recipe or cake mix you like. Once the cake cools, amix in some frosting very well to the cake mixture until it all sticks together, but doesn’t stick onto your hands a lot. Then you shape it with your hands. Cool it in fridge for 15 minutes, then dip it. It is more like cake ball mixture, I guess. The point is that it is baked before shaping and dipping in chocolate!
      Does that make sense?

  16. Brighton C says:

    Fabulous! Have shared on my Facebook page as it’s such a great idea I think my friends would love it x

  17. Lauren says:

    I made these for my birthday! Thanks for the cute idea!

  18. Kim says:

    I absolutely love these! My girlfriend is throwing her triplets 5th b-day party in a couple of weeks and I will definitley be making these for her! Thank you so much for the inspiration! you’re a genius!

  19. Jackie says:

    What an awesome idea! We would love to feature your recipe and images on our website – and we’ll link back to you. Our readers would love it. Please let me know.



  20. linda says:

    Too cute! HAD to pin this on Pinterest!! 🙂

  21. Dorothy says:

    Cute! Don’t know how they can be supported with the stick on one side like that. Maybe you could do 2 half mustaches or a taller style of mustache

    • Jasmin says:

      @Dorothy, of you read the instructions it says to make them smaller than mine. Mine were unsteady but still held on. So if they are slightly smaller then they will be lighter in weight and stay on just fine

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