I created a few sweet and salty snacks with an Easter/spring theme for Pretzel Crisps. You could even use this for an Alice in Wonderland or Velveteen Rabbit (just change the candy melt colors) party.


The great thing about these:

1. They are pretty easy to make.

2. Pretzels and chocolate ALWAYS taste good. Always.

3. These function not only as whimsical decor, but also as nifty edible favors.


Proceed to kiss my feet…..now.

(Actually, don’t kiss my feet, I think all feet in the world are repulsive and should never be touched. You can kiss my hands instead.)


Here is What you Need for Pretzel Bunny Ears

white candy melts (purchase here )

pink candy melts (purchase here)

thick popsicle sticks (purchase here )

Pretzel Crisps (purchase here)

OR visit the website for Pretzel Crisps: http://pretzelcrisps.com/

Click “where to buy”


They are basically flattened yummy pretzels that come in different flavors. In this recipe, you obviously want to choose sesame, classic/original, or cinnamon toast.

I usually find them in the deli section of my grocery store. If you have not tried them, they are worth it so go buy some now before I place you on the 1 Fine Cookie blacklist.




white nonpareils (purchase here)

chocolate piping bags (purchase here)


Most of these items can also be found in the 1 Fine Cookie shop.


On a side note, I also made flowers in addition to the bunny ears, which you can see on the Pretzel Crisps blog. I provided a link for you at the bottom of this post.



First you will want to melt your white candy melts.

white and pink candy melts



Melt in either a double boiler, or use the microwave. If melting in the microwave, heat in 15-second spurts. Mix in between each heating to help smooth out the candy melts.


Next, you will need your Pretzel Crisps:


Pretzel Crisps ®

Courtesy of pretzelcrisps.com




  Once fully melted and smooth (Be careful not to overheat!! That is why I mix it a lot in between the 15-second spurts!), Dip Pretzel Crisps into chocolate.

white chocolate pretzel crisps




Lay out on aluminum foil and allow to dry. For each set of bunny ears you want to dip 4 Pretzel Crisps.


pipe in details onto your pretzel crisps


Once dry, glue two Pretzel Crisps together with more melted white candy melts. I would make on ear ever so slightly curved, and then angle the other ear.


Place pink candy melts into a candy piping bag (found in baking or arts and crafts stores) and melt in microwave. You can also spoon melted candy melts into a Ziploc bag and cut the corner.


Pipe pink into the center of each ear. This is optional, you can also use a spoon to dollop the melts on and use the bottom of the spoon to spread it into the appropriate shape.


Also optional: Pipe white around the edge and immediately coat with sprinkles or nonpareils.



Dip popsicle sticks into chocolate and place one on the back of each ear.


Stick into a pot of wheat grass, flowers or use any potted plants.


hiding bunny ears wheat grass diy how to dessert recipe betty crocker pretzel crisps easter spring ideas decor edible decorationg chocolate white candy melt pink rabbit alice and wonderland crafts covered dipped easy kids children last minute


Sneaky little rabbits…



hiding bunny ears wheat grass diy how to dessert recipe betty crocker pretzel crisps easter spring ideas decor edible decorationg chocolate white candy melt pink rabbit alice and wonderland crafts covered dipped



For more photos, details and to see how I also make the flowers, visit the Pretzel Crisps blog here. Seriously, check it out!!



****If you are considering posting up photos or ideas from this or any other posts I am truly happy that you are excited and find my recipes interesting enough to share with others. Please see copyright standards in the footer (bottom).



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5 Responses to Hidden Bunny Ears.

  1. spiceblogger says:

    You are trying to kill me with cuteness, aren’t you? ;p
    Love these!

    Happy Easter!

  2. Pretzels and chocolate, salty with sweet, always rocks. Big time. You didn’t even have to worry about presentation but then you did. That’s one of the best crafty easter themed treats I’ve seen. I love it!

  3. OMG!! I am having trouble breathing over here!! The pure, unadulterated cuteness is overwhelming me!! I LOVE these!!!! Yes, I was yelling the word love!! TFS & for making me green regarding your creativity.

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