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        You know those window pane cookies? Or ornament cookies? It’s a sugar cookie, with a hole in the center. Inside the hole is melted candy, making it look like colored glass.

         I remember discovering them for the first time in one of my mother’s awesomely 80’s cookbooks. It was a holiday cookie book. Since we didn’t have much sugar in the house (figures, I end up working with sugar for a living) I would sit in a corner and drool over the countless cookbooks filled with sweets. The ornament cookies especially impressed me, because they had CANDY in them. Candy was definitely NOT allowed in our house.

        If you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about:


       Jaime from Good Eats ‘n Sweet Treats made these gorgeous stained glass cookies. You can check out the recipe by clicking here.

In my  mother’s cookbook, the cookies were shaped like ornaments and hung from a Christmas tree (or Hanukkah bush).

           Since my mind is always thinking about things other than pretty stained glass, I figured why not make the 1 Fine Cookie version. I like beer  a lot, so I made beer bottle cookies. Martinis and margaritas aren’t my thing. Martini glasses are by far the most annoying food/drink vessel ever invented. Ever. Maybe more annoying than child leashes. As for margaritas, just the smell of tequila makes me want to hug the porcelain throne.

 HOWEVER, they are very pretty looking and make for a kick-ass cookie.

Here is what you need for the Beer and Cocktail Glass Cookies,

Jolly Ranchers

root beer or any brown-colored hard candy

any cut-out sugar cookie dough (here recipe, courtesy of the one and only Martha..I suppose you could use store-bought dough or cookie dough mix, however, make sure to  refrigerate after cutting to harden. Any cookie dough already made from the grocery store usually requires a little flour to hold its shape better)

royal icing (another recipe by Martha, or you can purchase premade icing)

toothpicks and white food coloring (optional)

 sanding sugar or nonpareils (fancy word for certain type of sprinkles, I will show you what I used)

green, black, and brown food coloring

confetti shaped sprinkles (for the pink ones, but they usually come with a mix of color)

 You need some materials.

Most importantly, you need cookie cutters.

If you do not own nor care to purchase any you can print out clip art, cut it out and use as a template.

cookie cutters

Beer, martini and margarita glass.  I also have a very small circle. This will be used for the lime wedges and olives.



You also need some parchment paper (grocery store) and a rolling pin.

Rolling pin and parchment paper


Roll out the cookie dough on top of the parchment paper. Cut out your shapes, and peel the excess cookie dough off of the parchment paper.

Place cookies on a parchment -lined cookie sheet

             For the lime wedges you need to cut out a tiny circle, then cut it in half. For the olives, roll out a thinner piece of dough, cut out a circle, and flatten it with your thumb.It pressed harder on one side so it looked like an olive shape.

Drag the parchment paper with cookies onto a cookie sheet (baking sheet). Place into fridge for at least a half hour. Even longer is better. This will help the cookies hold their shape.

In the meantime, preheat oven to 350°.

Grab your hard candies. I chose green and pink Jolly Ranchers, and root beer hard candy.

Jolly ranchers and root beer candy

Put them into plastic storage bags (Ziploc), and obliterate them using your rolling pin. Crush them. Annihilate. Round house kick. Chuck Norris…

Chuck Norris once said, “There are few problems in this world that cannot be solved by a swift roundhouse kick to the face. In fact, there are none.”

Sorry, I got distracted. This is what your hard candy will look like.

Crush up jolly ranchers and hard candy




Now take out your cookies and using a sharp knife, cut a hole in each one. Should look like this:

Cut out hole in cookie



Use a sharp knife to cut out holes



          Since the cookies are hard from the fridge, it takes a little effort to cut out. Effort is the lesser evil when comparing it to cutting out a mushy warm mess of dough. Trust me. My cookie dough had warmed up and softened a little, so I threw them back into the fridge for a bit.


Take them back out when firm, and add your hard candy. Make sure to pile it up high in the center.

Pour jolly rancher into holes

Bake cookies for about 10 minutes. I would keep a close eye to make sure the candy doesn’t burn.


Prepare or get your royal icing. Keep some of it white, and dye three other portions lime green (or neon, or whatever), brown, and black.

 Mix green, brown, black, and save some white frosting

To make the bright green I dyed it about 3 parts yellow and 1 part green.



Prepare your piping backs. Spoon the icing onto a piece of plastic wrap.

Place frosting onto plastic wrap


Fold plastic wrap  over the icing, corner to corner.

Fold plastic wrap corner to corner



Roll it up.

Roll up the icing

Or down. Whatever.



Holding each end, twirl it over and over until the ends are twisted tightly. 

Hold each end and twirl it so the ends twist tightly

Sort of like when you twirl and towel and rat tail someone (whip someone in the bum) .




Feed through a piping bag with one part of the coupler already in.  Secure end with a rubber band.

Place in bag with coupler and use a rubber band to secure


Cut the end of the plastic sticking out, then add a tip and screw on with the other piece of the coupler.

Place tip and screw piece on


Time to pipe. First pipe all of the edges of your drink glasses.

 Outline and fill

          It helps to pipe a line around the edges first, then fill inside.

           On a side note, frosting should be thick enough so that it doesn’t run off your cookies and all over the place. It should also be thin enough so that it will smooth out nicely when you pipe it. Add confectioner’s sugar to stiffen, water to thin out.


For the limes, Pipe on the green.

Ice wedge with green


Using the white icing, pipe out a line around the edge and two lines form a sort of a triangle.

Pipe on edge and triangle


Pipe on a half circle at the top, then finish with a line across the top.

Pipe on half circle

 (*I know someone came up with the lime wedge cookie not to long ago, but I am having difficulties tracking down the original source. If you know who it is, please contact me so that I may give poper credit.)

For the olives:

Pipe on green

Stick a pink confetti sprinkle onto the top.

Drop a little of the white food coloring onto a napkin and rub a toothpick (or however many you need) until the toothpick is coated completely.

Pipe green onto olives and add a pink confetti sprinkle


Then pipe some icing along the top of the glasses (not the beer, silly) and dip into sanding sugar or whatever sprinkle you like. I used these for my margaritas:

Green and white sanding sugar


This is sort of random, but I found these colorful tapioca pearls in the super market. I know, random. I liked the colors, and it has no taste so I used them.




Once everything is dry you can add the limes and olives with toothpicks onto the cookies using some icing.

You’re finished.


Now, how much cooler do these look?

Beer bottle glass cookies




Martini glass cookies


Margherita glass cookies

I would much rather have these hanging on my Christmas tree/Hanukkah bush this year. Just poke holes, and string ribbons through.

Beer and Cocktail Glass Cookies

 Just a note: Dust the back of the cookies with flour to prevent the candy from sticking to any surfaces. I do this every time I move it to a new plate or before serving.

****If you are considering posting up photos or ideas from this or any other posts I am truly happy that you are excited and find my recipes interesting enough to share with others. Please see copyright standards in the footer (bottom) of this or any page before posting.

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14 Responses to Margarita, Martini, and Beer Glass Cookies. Kickoff the Warm Weather by Tossing Back a Few.

  1. Erin says:

    As always – amazing work! These are adorable, not sure if they should be considering they are beer bottles, but still – I love it!

  2. Those are so amazing and such a great party idea!

  3. Ruth says:

    Love them! 🙂

  4. Tricia says:

    What a great idea for a party! These are amazing.

  5. momochii says:

    What a great resource!

  6. Wow… I make stained glass cookies for Christmas each year, but this takes it to another level altogether. What fun! And can be made all year through! 🙂 They are perfectly adorable! Thanks for sharing…

  7. Lin Ann says:

    These are really fun! I love them!

  8. Caroline says:

    Those are amazing and I bet tasty to. Cheers!


  9. Paulien says:

    Love this 😀 But do they taste good too? Or is it something for children 😛

    I found this link a while ago , don’t know if you mean this:

    • Jasmin says:

      @ Paulien They do taste good. I don’t think I would recommend making cocktails and beer cookies for children ha ha. If you are worried that it is too sweet, then leave out the royal icing and it tastes wonderful.

      Thanks for the link. I did contact her, but I know I saw the wedges over a year ago and that is from May 1, so who knows. We will have to see!

  10. Mary says:

    Where do can you purchase the cookie cutters from? Love this idea 🙂

  11. Eftychia says:

    What a clever and creative idea!!

  12. spiceblogger says:

    You are sooo talented! Creative and beautiful–I love this idea!


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