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                     That is a long title, but can you blame me for leaving out any of these delicious details? I actually did leave out the bacon confetti I made. I know, RIDICULOUS.  I figured these pancakes would be good when i was designing the recipe, but not THIS GOOD. The moistest pancakes I have ever eaten.

Really, the only word for it is…

(click on Homer to play)

Before we get into the pancakes, let me begin by saying:

I like alcohol.


                        I love beer. I love booze. I don’t like tequila, though. Sorry. For some reason it smells like acid or something. Please don’t bother to write me or comment how I am encouraging alcoholism or blah blah blah. Actually, go ahead. I like opinionated people.

    Sorry to disappoint, but I am not a lush. I don’t have the time. I also can’t afford the calories, so at this point in my life it’s a couple of drinks on the weekends. Best when it’s hot outside or catching a game.


                    When I retire, however, it’s all over. I’m going to be old, worn out, and in need of a drink. Come noontime I’m going to join my fellow golden girls for tea time…with vodka. We will kick our feet up and laugh about the good ol’ days. Or just complain about our hearing aids.

                        In the meantime, I am going to sneak it into food and make it taste in a way that even non-drinkers (abstainers, prohibitionists, water-drinkers) will crave it. There are not nearly enough breakfast foods with alchie in it. I am so disappointed in the foodie world.

                       These pancakes are like moist chocolate cakes, with a hint of beer and bacon. It’s like the yin and yang of salty and sweet. Perfectly balanced. As if beer didn’t make you go ga-ga, I just HAD to add some Irish Whipped Cream Liqueur (Bailey’s).

On a side note, if you really insist on having it “virgin” I will provide options for alcohol free pancakes and whipped cream.

Here’s what you need:

For the Pancakes

– ½ cup of all-purpose flour

– ½ cup of chocolate fudge cake mix (baking aisle in grocery store, comes in a box)

BACON (mmmmm bacon)

-a bar of white chocolate baking bar (also in the baking aisle) OR white chocolate chips

– 1  1/8 cup of buttermilk…………. if you do not want to use beer, then increase buttermilk to about 1 ¼ cup of buttermilk

– ¼ cup of beer (I chose a dark ale)

– 2 teaspoons of baking powder

– ½ teaspoon of salt

– 2 tablespoons of sugar

-3 tablespoons of butter

-1 egg (large)

– 2 teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder

For the Whipped Cream

-1 Cup of whipped cream

– an Irish Cream Liqueur, like Bailey’s OR….. if you do not want the liqueur use ¾ cup of  Bailey’s Creamer (it’s alcohol free, found in dairy aisle in grocery store)



                         Before you start doing anything, place a mixing bowl in your freezer. You need it cold in order to whip your cream in a stand mixer or hand mixer. If you have a food processor, you can actually us that instead. No need to chill a bowl!

Since you need bacon before you can make your pancakes, line a baking sheet that has raised edges with aluminum foil. Place several pieces of bacon on the foil. How many you pick depends on how much you like bacon. I used about 8 pieces or so.

 Cook bacon on baking sheet lined with foil

If you want confetti bacon, use a small round cookie cutter and press it into a slice of bacon on a cutting board.

Use your fingers or palm to twist it until it cuts through the bacon.




Cut out bacon confetti with small round cookie cutter

        Place your confetti on the baking sheet with the slices.

Pop it into the oven, THEN turn oven on to 400 °.

Wait until you hear the beep that tells you it has finished preheating.




Set temperature to 400 degrees

             AFTER you hear the beep is when you turn the timer on. My bacon confetti only took about 6 minutes, so I took it out, scooped them on paper towels, and then continued to bake the regular pieces of bacon for another 5 minutes or so. Most regular slices of bacon take about 10-15 minutes depending on the thickness. Scoop out bacon and drain on a paper towel.

Place cooked bacon on paper towel to dry

They are nice and crispy. Perfect for crumbling into your pancakes. This is my favorite way to cook bacon.



Now grab your pancake ingredients.

Buttermilk, cake mix, flour, salt, baking powder, baking sugar, cocoa powder, butter


Buttermilk, cake mix, flour, egg, butter, sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and unsweetened cocoa.




Chop up you white chocolate bar (or just have your chips ready).

Chop up white chocolate


Don’t forget your beer.


“I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.”




Mix your dry ingredients together in a medium bowl.

Mix dry ingredients cake mix cocoa powder flour salt baking powder baking soda sugar salt


Melt your butter. Lightly whisk your egg with a fork. Then, mix in your wet ingredients, including the beer.

Mix in wet ingredients





Should look like this:

Mix pancake ingredients until combined


             Heat up a griddle, or if you don’t have a griddle like me, then you can use a skillet. If you can’t find your skillet like me, then you can use a frying pan. The world will not end if you don’t have all of the perfect cooking tools. Set your heat to medium/ medium low.

heat your pan

          See those little balls in the upper right-hand corner? To test if the pan is hot enough, drop a little water into it. If it rolls around into tiny round drops, it is ready. If it smokes up a lot, though, that may mean it is too hot. I set mine to medium low to avoid burning the oil.

        Spray the inside of a large cookie cutter with cooking spray, or rub it with cooking oil.

Spray or pour a little oil into your pan then place the cookie cutter on top.

Using a measuring cup, pour the batter into the cookie cutter.

use cookie cutter to make perfectly shaped pancakes

You can use a round cutter, if you like. I used a more funky one for my own pancakes 😉

(That’s right, I just winked at you.)


          Once it is bubbling on top, use a folded paper towel to carefully pick up the hot cookie cutter. Crumble your bacon, and sprinkle it onto the top. Then, flip your pancake and cook for a few minutes.





Time for your whipped cream. Get out your heavy cream and Bailey’s from the fridge.

They should both be in the fridge up until you make the whipped cream. If they are cool, it will work in your favor.

Heavy cream and Bailey's




If you are abstaining, then you will be using Bailey’s creamer instead.

Bailey's Creamer


            Pour your cream into the bowl that has been chilled in the freezer (or just pour it into your food processor). Mix it on high until it starts to develop peaks.

Just barely whip the cream

       Now, I did not add any sugar, because frankly, I think the pancakes will have enough sweetness.

 If you prefer more sweet than savory, you can always add a tablespoon of sugar into the whipped cream before whipping it.


              Add your Bailey’s (or whatever brand you picked). I wanted mine to just taste like Irish Cream. It looses some of its sweetness when mixed in with the cream, but I think it tastes fantastic this way. If you are a little hesitant about the idea of a boozy whipped cream, add a tablespoon at a time at this step. Mix on slow for about 20 seconds, then taste. Repeat until you get the flavor that is right for you.

If you are using creamer, then add it at the beginning with the heavy cream. The bowl on the left is with Bailey’s, the one on the right is mixed with the creamer.

Bailey's Whipped Cream!







Once your pancakes are done, palce on a plate, and sprinkle with white chocolate.

I didn’t touch the chocolate, so it looks firm but it is really melted and gooey from the heat of the pancake.

Garnish with whipped cream and bacon confetti.

Beer and Chocolate Fudge Cake Batter Pancakes with Bacon, White Chocolate, and Bailey's Whipped Cream


See? They are shaped like beer bottles. Cookie cutters rule.


 They are moist, and filled with rich chocolate. It has a hint of maltiness from the beer. The white chocolate adds a nice sweetness to it, while the bacon balances it out with a salty kick. The whipped cream greets you with a pleasant surprise.

Beer and Chocolate Fudge Cake Batter Pancakes with Bacon, White Chocolate, and Bailey's Whipped Cream

These are one of those things you have to try before you die.


I made these for Father’s Day, with a side of bacon mustaches and ties. Click here for instructions on how to make them.

bacon tie and mustaches

****If you are considering posting up photos or ideas from this or any other posts I am truly happy that you are excited and find my recipes interesting enough to share with others. Please see copyright standards in the footer (bottom) of this or any page.

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14 Responses to Chocolate Fudge Cake Batter and Beer Pancakes with Bacon, White Chocolate, and Irish Whipped Cream Liqueur

  1. Amy says:

    ummm kegs and eggs 2012…..

  2. spiceblogger says:

    LOVE. IT.
    I have a feeling you and I would be very good friends! (over a couple of vodkas Ha!)

    Great post and divine recipes!

  3. Joss says:

    Oh boy! My mouth is watering so badly after reading this post…have no idea how I’m going to get to sleep now! Chocolaty/salty/sweet goodness……oooooooooh yum!

  4. wow those look so crazily creative and delectable!

    Thanks for the friend request on Foodbuzz.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Tash says:

    This made my mouth water! I’m going to give this a try 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this yummy recipe!

  6. Eftychia says:

    This looks really delicious!!! and I like the title 🙂

  7. daigoumee says:

    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  8. Leah says:

    Oh my. You are good! So ambitious with all your recipes. Glad I came across your site.

  9. Kelli says:

    I just have to say, I willbe making these for my hubs. He will think he dies and gone to heaven. sorry not going to tell him I got the recipe from you!LOL
    your blog is wonderful!!! thanks!

    • Kelli says:

      wow I cant spell can I ? I think you know what I meant though. :O)

      • Jasmin says:

        @ Kelli no worries. I can’t spell either. Especially when I drink and type.

        • Kelli says:

          I am a newbie to your blog. I will one day open my own bakery, but for now I just dream of recipes.And I find yours so creative and very inspiring. thank you for sharing your ideas. I totally love them.

  10. Jenn says:

    How many average sized pancakes does this make?

    • Jasmin says:

      @jenn.. hmmm average sized could be very subjective. I believe they make about 6-8 pancakes with the cookie cutters. I would say that between small and large the cookie cutters are about medium sized, if that helps.

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