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        Last week was burger week, or something. Every week in the late spring and early summer is burger week in my home, so it didn’t faze me all that much. With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, and everyone prepping their grills for the summer, I decided that it would be the appropriate time to share my stuffed burgers. Rather than top your burgers with cheese, bacon, or whatever, you shove it inside of the meat. When you bite down, it all comes oozing out. For some reason, I think stuffed burgers are more juicy than regular burgers.

       So, the three burgers I am presenting today are,

“The Classic”: Brie and bacon-stuffed slider burger

“That’s Amore”: Pizza-stuffed slider burger

“Meat and Potatoes”: A messy burger slider stuffed with mashed potatoes and gravy, then slathered on top with even more. Wow.

       Of course, I always have to overdo everything, so I topped The Classic and Meat and Potatoes sliders with onion rings, and added a side of fried green tomatoes and avocado fries. It’s just too much. If I had to pick out a last meal, this would be a top contender. Kind of like those guys on death row before they get the chair. They would ask me what I want for my last meal, and I would cry/scream at them because I was definitely framed since I can’t even kill a bug without freaking out. Centipedes? They scare the bejeezus out of me. So I would cry for a bit, then blow my nose and request stuffed sliders.

        I would give them my puppy dog eyes. And…a side of fried veggies. Because, who really cares about my health at this point? I could sample three awesome meals.. inside of a bit-sized slider. No need to choose. Then I would scream after I saw a spider in my cell, and ask my cellmate to kill it for me because I couldn’t bear the thought.

Here is what you need for the recipe:

For the burger meat,

ground beef (Kobe is good.. not the basketball player, the type of beef)

garlic powder

onion powder



worcestershire sauce

minced garlic


For the “Meat and Potatoes” Slider,

 1-2 potatoes

minced garlic

salt & pepper

1 tablespoon of flour

– 1 ½ tablespoons of olive oil

-2 tablespoons of butter, plus another tablespoon for the mashed potatoes

– ¾-1 cup of milk, plus a splash or two for the mashed potatoes

beef or chicken bouillon (The link right here shows what I use, it is much more condensed and stronger than chicken or beef broth)

For pizza stuffing,

-a marinara sauce (I make my own with basil, and slightly chunky. You could always buy pre-made from the grocery store, if you must.)

Italian sharp cheese (pick out a good quality cheese)

Pepperoni, sliced


For The Classic brie and bacon,

brie cheese (duh)..if you don’t like brie you can always pick out a cheese you enjoy more

bacon (duh again)


For fried food,

small onions, sliced thin

green tomatoes (these are just unripened tomatoes.. call your grocer to check if they carry it)



– 1 egg


cayenne pepper

bread crumbs

salt and pepper

onion powder (optional)


Martin’s Party Potato Rolls


      Begin by preparing the slider stuffings. For the pizza-stuffed slider you want to make marinara sauce, slice your pepperoni, and cut the Italian cheese into little cubes.

Italian cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce

  For the Classic, you need to make crispy bacon. Line a baking sheet with several layers of aluminum foil. Lay bacon slices down. Place them into the oven, THEN preheat oven to 400°. Once the oven has reached that temperature (it beeps to tell you) and has finished preheating, turn timer on for about 8-12 minutes. You want the bacon to be crispy and dark, but not burnt.

Bacon cooked in the oven

Break up bacon into small pieces. Tear up brie into pieces as well.

Brie and bacon


       Now for the meat and potatoes.

Peel your potato and place it in a pot.

Pour enough water into pot to just cover the potato.

Cover potato in water


Turn heat on high, until it reaches a boil.

Bring water to a boil


Once boiling, turn down heat, cover and simmer for about 10 minutes.

Cover pot with lid and turn down heat


Turn off heat and pour out the water. Add about a tablespoon of butter, a splash or two of milk, minced garlic, and a dash of salt and pepper.

Mash it. You sort of have to if you want to call it mashed potatoes, silly.

Add butter, garlic, milk, salt and pepper


        For the gravy, if you happened to have made a roast chicken or beef then lucky you. I did not so here is a way to make some gravy without meat drippings. Grab your milk, olive oil, bouillon, pepper, butter, and if you want salt. I don’t like super salty so I left it out. The bouillon is enough flavor, if you want my opinion.

Olive oil, butter, salt, milk, bouillon, flour and pepper

In a pan, heat olive oil and melt butter on medium heat.

 Add oil and butter


Then whisk in flour.

Whisk in flour


Add milk and bouillon. Start off with ¾ cup of milk. Once it is heated and thickened, you can add more milk if it is too thick.

Add milk and bouillon


Once thickened, add pepper. Add flour if not thick enough, and milk if it needs to be thinned out.

Throw in a lil' pepper


          Time to make the sliders. Take your ground beef and lightly crumble it into a casserole dish. The reason to do this is because ground beef should be handled (mushed around) as little as possible. The more you squeeze and shape it, the tougher it will be. If it is all spread out when you add spices, you don’t have to work it with your hands as much to spread the flavor out since it will be close to evenly distributed.

Crumble up ground beef into a casserole dish

Add minced garlic, drizzle some worcestershire sauce, sprinkle garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Just a bit. Don’t overdo it.

Add garlic, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, and worcestershire sauce


Now to stuff the sliders. Take a little of the meat and carefully shape it into a small bowl. It should be small enough to fit onto the small potato rolls.

Make a little bowl with your ground beef



Now start adding the layers of the pizza until you have just barely reached the top of the “bowl.”

Add cheese



Add sauce



Pepperoni and more cheese



I like to begin and end the layering with cheese.

Use a little more ground beef to cover the top


You then take a little meat, make it into a thin layer and gently use it to cover the top of the “bowl.”




Now do the same with bacon and brie.

Add brie


..and lots of bacon

The meat and potatoes slider is a little different.

Because the gravy is so runny, the slider will be sloppy and have a hard time staying together, but that is what makes it so damn good. So. Good.

Make a bowl

Just use a spoon for this part.

Spoon in some gravy



Add mashed potatoes



Don’t forget about your slider buns. I love using these small potato rolls.

Buns perfect for sliders


They are tiny, and perfect for sliders.

Turn your oven onto broil setting, and place buns (sliced open) onto oven rack.

It takes less than 5 minutes to reach toasty brown.

Toast your buns


Now to batter your vegetables. Combine flour, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, and a tiny dash of onion powder.Flour, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, and a dash of onion powder


Whisk an egg with a fork.

Whisk an egg with a fork



Slice your tomatoes.

fried, green, tomatoes

Dip tomatoes into the egg, shake off excess and then coat with the flour mixture.

Immerse the onion slices into a deep bowl or container with buttermilk, then also coat with the flour mixture until completely covered.

Onion rings and fried geen tomatoes


Once the onions and tomatoes are coated, add some bread crumbs to the flour.

Add some bread crumbs to the flour batter


          Before we coat the avocado we need to slice it. This is how you cut an avocado. Start at the top and cut all the way around, making sure you reach the pit in the center. Use a large, sharp knife.

Cut around avocado

You should then be able to twist each half apart.



Use the knife and stab it (not with the tip of the blade though).

Use your knife to stab the pit, how to cut an avocado


It will stick to the knife a little. Twist the knife and the pit will twist out with it.

How to cut an avocado


Now use a hand towel to protect those little piggies from the knife as you release the pit.

Use a hand towel to grab the pit and release it from the knife



Then make a lengthwise cut down the center, and cut each half in half again.

Cut into slices avocado



Dip into egg batter.  Coat with bread crumb and flour mixture.

Toss bread crumbs and flour onto avocado slices


Fill a pan with canola or peanut oil. Heat until it reaches about 375°.


Fry food


Drain on paper towels to get rid of the excess oil.

      Cook your burgers on medium high heat, then flip them and turn the heat down. Allow them to cook through all of the way, about 15 minutes or so. Some of the inside stuffings may leak out a little.

Place burger onto buns, add gravy and mashed potatoes on top of the Meat and Potatoes burger, and add some grated Italian cheese and sauce on top the That’s Amore burgers. Top Meat and Potatoes, as well as Classic sliders with onion rings.

Serve immediately.

I cut a little bit off the sides of the sliders so you can see what it looks like on the inside.



Choose whichever sounds appealing to you, or make all three. I have yet to meet a man who did not obsess over these.

Stuffed sliders, brie, pizza, mashed potatoes, bacon, small, party food, gravy, pepperoni, marinara sauce,

 ****If you are considering posting up photos or ideas from this or any other posts I am truly happy that you are excited and find my recipes interesting enough to share with others. Please see copyright standards in the footer (bottom).

Let it ooze out. Mmmm.

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5 Responses to Meat & Potatoes Sliders, Brie & Bacon-Stuffed Sliders, and Pizza-Stuffed Sliders! ..with a side of fried green tomatoes and avocado fries

  1. Meghan says:

    Having had these personally, I can can attest to the fact that these sliders are the things dreams are made of.

  2. Erin says:

    Did you really just deep fry avocados?! I am not sure I can get past anything else you just posted – that sounds so good! I love anything with avocado’s, I would eat them plain every day. So doing that to them, oh my!!! Drooling uncontrollably now. Thanks!

  3. Avocado fries? Yes please!

  4. Tisa says:

    Oh. My. God. I only made the meat and potatoes sliders… but they were unbelievable. Totally amazing.

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