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I grew up a Hallmark Catholic and Jew.  Some might even say a holiday Catholic or Jew. Let me explain. My mother is Roman Catholic, and my father is Jewish. They wanted to expose my siblings and I to both of their backgrounds. We celebrated Hallmark holidays: Hanukkah and Christmas, Passover and Easter. So one week I would be looking for Matzah bread under the couch cushions, and the following week singing “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”.

 Aside from the awesome fact that we got more presents in December than other kids,  another reason I consider myself lucky is that I was able to learn about two different beliefs and cultures.

Disclaimer:  Religion is a very hot topic, and therefore no matter how carefully I pick my words, I might still offend someone. I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone. Everyone should be able to believe what they want in peace. Just read,  and have a good chuckle 🙂

So during the holidays, and in April I am always thinking of food that works for everyone.

Deviled eggs are an “oldie but goodie” recipe for this time of the year. They are great because they work for both holidays. This recipe is a staple for Easter, and it is also Kosher.  I couldn’t just make any old basic deviled egg, of course. I had to create it with a special touch.

Flower-shaped deviled eggs

 Yup, that’s right. I made them colorful. The eggs are also shaped like flowers. I mean it’s spring here, people. Over here in the Northeast, everyone freaks out when the temperature reaches anything above 50°. I’m personally miserable until it is at least 70º, but after surviving a long winter even I will crack a smile when I can lower the thermostat a bit. If it gets to the high 60’s people are practically tearing their hair out over the “beach weather.” Hoards of college students go sunbathing in the parks, and all of the Yuppies pack into outdoor bar areas with their sunglasses on. Who wouldn’t want to toast to the end of winter?

So when it is time for spring, let’s please celebrate spring! We can all agree that everything is  happier when there are a superfluous of color and flowers involved. Either that or I’m looking at my dad’s old photos from Woodstock.

Here is what you need to make your own flower-shaped pastel deviled eggs (with smoked salmon!):

- 6 Eggs (duh)    If you want more, then double the recipe.

-  2 ½- 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise or sour cream (I get it, mayo grosses some people out. That’s cool sour cream works too. For Passover: Sour cream might not work if you are eating parve for Passover. This has to do with milk and meat in Jewish laws. Click on parve to read more.)

-1 teaspoon of dijon mustard

-1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar

-a little paprika

-green onions

-smoked salmon (for Passover: either Kosher certified or use Lox, a cured salmon, but not even all Lox is Kosher either so just check the packaging or ask at the grocery store)


-food dye (I used Americolor, you use less and it goes a long way)

-coloring pencils, chopsticks, or lollipop sticks (4 will be used for each egg)

-rubber bands

-poster paper or malleable cardboard


First we need to boil an egg properly. Have you ever made a boiled egg and the yolk is light yellow with gray in it?  Sort of like the one on the left:

Egg yolks

Ewe. That means your egg is over cooked. See how the one on the right is bright yellow?

Looks much nicer. This is a little technique to ensure your eggs are cooked properly.


First, place eggs into a pot. Fill with water so that the water just covers the eggs.

Fill pot with just enough water to cover eggs


Now place pot on stove and turn on high. You’ll want to sort of keep an eye on it for when it begins to boil.

While you are waiting, fill a bowl with cold water and ice.

Fill a bowl with water and ice




Once the water in the pot starts to boil, immediately set your timer for 7 ½ minutes.

Boiling eggs




Place a cover over the pot.

Cover the pot




As soon as the timer goes off, grab the pot handle (use a mitt or hand towel if it gets hot) and immediately pour out the hot water into the sink.

Quickly use a slotted spoon (spoon with little holes in it for the water to drain out of) to transfer eggs into ice water.

Eggs in ice bath

The reason you do this is to prevent the eggs from cooking more. They still continue to cook from being so hot, even after they are removed from the boiling water. This is often done with vegetables as well, in order to prevent overcooking. Let the eggs sit for a while to cool off. Another easy trick is to peel your egg shells off in the water. They don’t stick to the egg as much and keeps it clean. Just pour in some warmer water since it is ice-cold and will probably make your hands ache.



Now to shape them into flowers. If you do not want to do this, then skip ahead. Grab you rubber bands, pencils, poster paper, and scissors.

Grab your supplies


Now if you like, you could make hearts instead. I once stumbled upon the most hysterical YouTube video on how to make a boiled egg shaped like a heart. This guy is showing you cooking tricks, and playing Dr. Dre in the background. No lie. At the end he say’s, “Heart-shaped eggs mother*******.” I almost peed my pants I laughed so hard. He needs  show on Food Network- stat! If you do not like swearing, then don’t view this video. Otherwise click here to watch it.



I am basically taking the same concept and repeating it over and over until I make flower petals. Start by wrapping your egg in the paper. Place a pencil (or whatever you are using) on top of the egg that peeks out from the paper. Wrap the rubber band around the egg. Notice I have the egg positioned in the paper vertically and not horizontally.  Also, make sure to pat your eggs dry before doing this. Otherwise it could make the paper soggy and the rubber band will mess your eggs up.

Poor egg!




I popped the eggs into the fridge and after about an hour or so, I took them out and flipped the egg.

The part that was already shaped by a pencil now will sit on the bottom, and then a pencil will be added to the top.

Set a new coloring pencil on top


Place back into fridge again. Then, if you become impatient like me, you can always just add the last two pencils on at the same time and put back into the fridge.

Flower-shaped eggs

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo with all four pencils. You get the point, though. This is what they look like when they are done. Notice how one egg has been cracked by the rubber band. This is okay, because I purposely sat the egg vertically so that the rubber band would wrap around the side where I would be cutting with a knife anyway. Does this make sense?

Cut the eggs in half, and scoop out the egg yolks.

Eggs shaped like flowers, now cut them in half

I actually wash off the boiled egg whites to get rid of any leftover yolk residue sticking to them.




Now place your egg yolks into a bowl large enough to add the other ingredients.

Grab your mayo or sour cream, a dash or to of paprika, vinegar, and mustard.

Egg yolks, mayonnaise, paprika, mustard, and vinegar





Time to make them deviled.  Add you ingredients to the egg yolks. Use a fork to mash up the mixture.

Mash it up very ,very well, leaving no clumps. Otherwise there will be yellow clumps that will not change color from the food dye.

 Mash up your deviled egg mixture


Separate your egg mixture into small bowls or containers. Add a little food coloring at a time to each, mixing until you get the desired colored. I used bright colors since it is spring and all.

 Pretty colors


Get your smoked salmon and green onions.

Smoked salmon and green onions




If you look on the back it will say if it is Kosher certified or not.

Kosher salmon


Slice up the salmon and green onions into very small pieces. Add to each of your colorful egg mixtures.

Notice how I kept one part of it yellow. Yellow is a nice color too.

Add smoked salmon ang green onions to the eggs


Take each color of egg and scoop it into a plastic storage bag or  pastry/piping bag. If you shove the bag into a cup it is easier to fill.

Fill your sanwich bag


Snip the tip of the bag off. (If you have decorating tips you can use that too. I left it out to demonstrate it in a simple way.

Snip the end off to make it into a piping bag

Don’t forget to wrap a rubber band around to prevent the egg mixture from moving all over in the bag.




The last step is squeeze from the top of the bag, pushing the egg out through the snipped end.

Squeeze the egg into the yolk hole of the boiled egg, moving in a circle so that is spirals upwards.




Look how cute these things are!

Deviled pastel eggs





They taste great too. The smoked salmon really adds a nice kick to it.

Flower-shaped deviled eggs





Pastel deviled eggs shaped like flowers

Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

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8 Responses to Colorful Deviled Flower Eggs with Smoked Salmon. Perfect for Easter AND Passover!

  1. It’s so true (what you say about religion). Such a tricky matter, when it comes to food blogging. I’ve been avoiding peeps and colored eggs like the plague because of this fact. Fortunately we have two birthdays in our family at Easter/Passover time to distract us and the blog (my son who turns one and my husband, who’s old).

    I don’t want to alienate any readers I *might* have with religious banter. I won’t be able to resist the jokes. haha! You do it brilliantly, I must say. It’s a little less intimidating now that I’ve read this. Maybe I’m not the only one walking on egg shells (no pun intended)

    Great post!

  2. Jasmin says:

    Oh it has only been one day, so who knows. Maybe I will get lucky 🙂
    It’s good to know that other people share the same fears as me about writing posts!

  3. exquisite work you have done, this site is categorically cool with superb info. I suggest you put this content to reddit, and then more and more population might entry your posts. Thank You

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  5. Adora's Box says:

    Happy easter/passover! Very quirky deviled eggs. What an innovative way to shape them.

  6. Sounds like you had the best of both worlds growing up, with good insight into the influences of two cultures. It must have been an interesting childhood – apart from all the extra presents 😀

    Very cute dish. Love the flower shapes.

  7. mommacat says:

    I followed the cooking directions to the letter and the yolks were not cooked thru. I believe jumbo sized eggs need more cooking time.

    • Jasmin says:

      @mommacat, it does not say to use jumbo eggs.Typically, of a recipe does not state a specific size then it is a given to use regular (average or most common) size or quantity. When you choose to cook or bake a larger size of something, wether it be a baked good, steak, or egg for example, the cooking time needs to be longer.

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