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Father’s day is just around the corner, so you best be deciding on what to do for him before he writes you out of his will. Earlier in the week, I posted a tutorial on how to make golf ball cake pops, made out of beer and bacon cake with frosting.

Now, I do understand that not every dad out there likes golf. In fact, not every dad likes beer (weirdos). There are all types of daddies in the world.



For example, there is the nervous and controlling dad.

nervous and controlling dad


Or the WWF (or WWE or wutevr) dad:

wrestling dad

There is the naive dad:

naive dad

The influential dad:

influential dad

..and the Dad who was killed by ninjas:

father killed by ninjas

There is the selfish dad:

selfish dad

Or the gaming dad:

gaming dad

The texting dad:

texting dad

And, well, depends on who you ask. Some would say bad dad, while others would say dad of the year:

Dad of the year?

I say dad of they year, but I am sort of sick and twisted. I mean, this is so much better than the “I’m with dummy” shirts.

Being a father isn’t just about fun and games, though. There are some very serious moments. Even ones that make me think about shedding a tear (I said, think.. I had my tear ducts removed long ago).

Okay, so this is an advertisement for google and is probably by a fictional Father, but we all know there are dads out there who care this much:  (click on the baby to play)  Oh, I’m sorry? No, no, that’s rain you’re looking at. Yup, it rained in my eyes. I swear.


I wanted to create something that every type of dad out there would appreciate and have a good chuckle over. If you don’t have a dad, then make this for someone in your life who has been a role model or caregiver for you. The term, ‘father’ has grown to have many meanings for different people. The point is, if there is someone who has cared for you, show them you are grateful.

Honestly, make these for yourself or your friends. I have mentioned before how jealous I am during Father’s day because they get all of the coolest foods and gifts.

The best part about this recipe is how few ingredients and materials you need.

For the Bacon Tie & Mustaches,

bacon (duh… try to use thick-sliced since this works best. The thicker, the better)

aluminum foil

popsicle sticks (wide ones for the tie, skinny for the mustaches. You can find them in arts and craft stores.)


chocolate (found in baking aisle of your local grocery store)

baking or cookie sheet

an oven (unless you want to kill your father by feeding him raw bacon and if that is the case then you are reading the wrong blog post, my friend)

Begin by covering a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. If you cover it well (including the sides), you won’t even have to wash it after cooking. Then, you want to soak your toothpicks in water.

soak toothpicks into water cupcake stuffed strawberries golf ball cake pops

Then, you use your bacon to form the shape of a tie.


shape bacon into a tie shape cupcake stuffed strawberries golf ball cake pops

As you see here, I cut bacon into smaller strips to create the bottom and top triangular shapes of the tie. I ended up discovering through trial and error that this is NOT the best way. I ended up using a full slice to go from the bottom tip, then folded it to form a side corner and draped it up into a point at the top.

Like this:

how to fold the bacon for the tie

I start by laying a strip of bacon to form each outside edge, then add more strips until I fill in the middle.

Then, I use 1-2 strips of bacon and wrap them around the top of the tie to create the knot:

Use bacon to create the knot of the tie

Use small pieces of bacon to cover up any open holes. I found that overall, small pieces of bacon should be on the bottom, and larger pieces should go on top. The tie stays together much better that way. If you simply try to use large, thick pieces of bacon, then your tie is less likely to shrivel up and separate.


UPDATE!! I made mini versions of these ties for beer cupcakes, and I remembered to take photos this time. To see more visuals of how they are constructed, click here.

Next, I made the mustache.

mustache and tie bacon

All I did for the mustache was twist a thick piece tightly.

Then I used another piece of bacon and wrapped it around the twisted piece.

I then layed it down on the aluminum foil and shaped it into a mustache.


Next, I grabbed my soaked toothpicks and used them to “pin” the pieces together.

Use toothpicks to hold bacon together

Keep in mind, my bacon tie was folded and not cut in the middle, so I used fewer toothpicks there for the final product.


The reason that you want to use toothpicks is because once the bacon begins to cook it sort of has a mind of its own. The bacon will shrivel up and move around sometimes. You are using the toothpicks to hold it in place as well as possible. I also used them to pinch the center of the mustache together, as well as hold the knot of the tie in place and attached to the rest of the tie.

The next step is to cover all of the bacon. COVER IT AS TIGHTLY AS POSSIBLE! You want to pat it down around the sides very well. I also found that using large enough pieces of aluminum foil that I can fold over the edge of the baking sheet helps hold the bacon down much better. So try to “anchor” or fold the aluminum foil over one side of the baking sheet.

Cover with aluminum foil

Place baking sheet into oven, THEN turn oven on to 400°.


This part does take a little patience, because your bacon is pissed at you for trying to force it into super cool shapes. It wants to move and separate, so you have to tell it who’s boss. Also, all ovens are different so you will have to check on the bacon a little earlier in case it cooks more quickly than in my oven.

Once the oven reaches 400° (it should beep) turn the timer on and let the bacon cook for about 5-10 minutes. I only cooked mine for 5. Then, take it out and let it cool off until you can remove the foil to peek at the bacon. Reshape and add any bacon if holes start to form in your tie. Adjust toothpicks if you need. Then Pat down foil firmly and tightly and place back in oven.


Bake or another 15-20 minutes. Remove from oven. Remove toothpicks, because once the bacon is cooked they will be stuck and toothpicks taste like crap (in case you didn’t know). The toothpicks should be removed once it looks like the bacon is cooked enough to stop moving and shriveling up, but before it is near done. I learned the hard way.


Return to oven again for about 10 minutes, or until crispy and dark (but not burned). You may have to check more often the first time that you do this, just to see how the type of bacon cooks in your type of oven. Just remember to pat the foil down very tightly and fold it tightly over the side of the baking sheet before returning it back into the oven.


While bacon cools off and is placed on paper towels to soak up oil, melt some dark chocolate (or whatever chocolate is preferred). You can do this with a double boiler, or heating in the microwave in 20-second spurts until it mixes smooth and melted. Dip your popsicle stick in, and use a spatula to spread a lot on one side.

Use spatula to spread chocolate onto popsicle stick


Then, place on back of tie or side of mustache. Use a small spoon to scoop more chocolate on top of stick so that it is fully covered and adhered to the bacon. Allow to dry.


Use chocolate to adhere popsicle stick to bacon cupcake stuffed strawberries mustache cake pop golf ball

That’s it. You’re done! I suggest pairing it with my chocolate fudge cake batter and beer pancakes, that are topped with white chocolate shavings and Bailey’s whipped cream. You can get that recipe here. CHECK IT OUT THESE PANCAKES ARE AMAZZZZZZZING.

Get ready to knock his socks off..

bacon tie and mustaches

This is an Epic breakfast.

bacon tie and mustaches 2







If your dad happens to be the chubby dad, don’t fret. You can always make the bacon mustaches and ties, then get him this nice little gift:



Bacon mustache 1







Bacon mustache 2






That’s so hawt.

Bacon tie


















****If you are considering posting up photos or ideas from this or any other posts I am truly happy that you are excited and find my recipes interesting enough to share with others. Please see copyright standards in the footer (bottom), and please actually follow them. Thanks!

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10 Responses to Bacon Mustache and Tie for Breakfast. Make Dad Wear AND Eat His Gift.

  1. Melissa says:

    Love the arrow schematic. You got highly technical for this post! 😉

  2. Such a cute post! The “Ab Enhancer”– so funny!

  3. Joss da Boss says:

    I laughed…I cried..I wanted to lick my screen. Best post to date hands down!

  4. Mela says:

    Love this post! So freakin funny. The best thing for me was the ab enhancer!! LMAO so funny!

  5. Veronica says:

    What temperature was the oven on?

  6. Hanne says:

    Sean is back *modeling…hehe~Great post!

  7. That video made it rain in my eyes too!

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